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Clan Location: Sylum

Clan Location: Sylum

It was suggested that I could work up a series of why each location was chosen for the different clans.  

So of course we’re going to start off with the first one.


When this story first started over 15 years ago (where has the time gone) there was only one place a Clan of Vampires would be located in the US.

New Orleans.

Where else would they be?  

I also have a lot of personal history with the city, and no my way around it and the surrounding area, which helped when building the Manor and the city Sylum would call home.   As story developed other cities became important parts of Sylum – Vegas (for obvious reasons :D), Washington DC, Los Angeles, and at times New York (despite how much Nico despises the city).  

But New Orleans is home, and will always be the home for Sylum.

Oak Alley Plantation is only partial inspiration for the Manor itself, the other is Monmouth Plantation in Natchez.

So there you have it.  The reason why – Sylum is in New Orleans.

Any questions?  Or curious about technical Sylum history within the city?


  1. najean1

    I just love that Tony buried the Templer Treasure in New Orleans in the churchyard!
    New Orleans is the perfect place for a Clsn of Vampires. No matter how modern New Orleans gets, old New Orleans is the big draw for tourists and people that just love the ambiance of the French Quarter.
    I’m not sure if my spelling is correct, (I don’t speak French), but I love the phrase:
    “Rollezze lle bon tiemp.”
    Let thr good times roll is New Orleans to a ‘T.”
    —-Naj : D ♥️♥️

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