Sylum Head Canon: *look here for a moment*


Parts of Sylum Canon has just been erased.

Going to give it to you straight.

Clan War has been a pain in the fucking ass for a variety of reasons.

* It’s had fits and starts all the way through

* No one wanted to cooperate

* Everyone wanted their five seconds

* And a plot point in it that I’ve never liked slammed us against a wall

Add in RL work projects, burn out, and taking time off to work on the book – Clan War has been a long tedious pain in the ass.

So before I get into Sylum Canon that has been erased some back history:

I’ve never truly liked Greg has the soul of  Theo, Nico’s youngest.  When Sylum began there were a small array of characters to work with and I had no idea where at the time the ‘story’, as it was only supposed to be one, was going.   As the storyline developed and the amount of early fans that pushed the Greg/Gil pairing – Greg ended up with the Soul of Theo or at the time he was called Philipe – DO NOT ASK.

I went with it, worked with it, but was blah about it.   As the series progressed and we started into the 4th Arc, the more Greg began to disappear into the sidelines because I didn’t like the character or his role – to the point there was serious contemplation of killing him off.

Then we started on the re-writes.

On the list of things we wanted to change was Greg, after a lengthy discussion we concluded at the time that ‘it’s just to stuck as head canon for us to change it’.

And we moved on.

All through CSI: Anthology I cringed in writing Greg … don’t get me wrong I like Greg, just didn’t like him in this role.   And as Gil’s story, changed and developed through the Anthology it was obvious they had to be De-Mated as it really wasn’t working.   So I had at least got part of the problem ‘fixed’.

Cue Clan War and the never ending saga of trying to get this particular story finished, as we worked through the story – Greg was no where near the battle with Richelieu and the flow of the story had him being Turned at this moment instead of later Arcs … and again I found myself going *hmmm* death is an option.

Then something happened.

Bob tossed an idea so outrageous that it took us by surprise.   We sat at the table pulled out a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts and hashed it out, though it was working it wasn’t quite right.  Then one of his minion bunnies, obviously hyped on sugar, tossed the last idea out and suddenly it all fell into place.

The results of that new story idea changed Sylum Canon.

Basically it comes down to this.


*Look here please*

Greg Sanders no longer has the Soul of Theodosius Scipio Meridius.   He has no ties to Nico in that regards.  He is a Chosen One who’s family has been Chosen Ones since the Ice Age.  He was raised in and out of the Manor, stayed summers through his childhood, friends with Ellis, and was encourage to follow his dreams into Science.  He’s Nico’s friend and has ties to Warrick in a past life.   But he NO longer has the soul of Theo.

And while we’re changing Head Canon!

Sam Winchester now has the Soul of Theo.



He’s Meridia?!  Is there not going to be a Meridia?

Yes there is a Meridia, that has not changed and you will meet Meridia, at some point.

That’s all I’m saying at the moment.

So again Sam Winchester has the Soul of Theo.  Basically his story doesn’t change, Nico will still be very happy to see his youngest boy come home.  Dean just can’t tease Sam anymore about being a girl.

Before you ask!  The CSI: Anthology series has been updated to reflect this, as a matter of fact Playing with Fire has been removed from the Archive as it’s not longer Canon.  The full series – including the two stories that were posted with the 10th Anniversary Clan War has been edited and uploaded to the Sylum Archive.

Link to CSI: Anthology

A second note!  All 10th Anniversary Clan War Stories has been moved to the Archive, they were adjusted slightly if need be and given a final edit before being posted.  All future stories will be posted to the Blog and then posted to the Archive.

Link to Clan War – 10th Anniversary Edition

All other references will be updated as we go through the rest of the series as there are a few ‘canon’ adjustments needed for a variety of reasons.  If side stories get updated first – we’ll post a Throwback Thursday to showcase these stories!

The Matrix has now been reset


And now back to Clan War!



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