Sylum Aesthetic: Ernesto Olivetti

Sylum Aesthetics: Ernesto Olivetti

Ernesto sighed, “His Holiness is behind me, isn’t he?”

They all nodded.

“You are so fired.” He turned around and smiled gracious at Pope Pius XVII. “Good morning, Your Holiness.”

“Ernesto, have we not talked about threatening the troops?” His reprimand apparently came with a small grin.

“Well they are all in trouble now for not warning me.” Olivetti sipped his coffee nonchalantly. “And I’m buying you a bell for Christmas and adding it to your collar. The sneaky thing is freaking me out.”

“I wanted to come down and see how you were doing before the start of Advent.” He raised his hand and blessed the Guards as he made his way further into the Security Area.

“I’m good,” Ernesto assured him with complete honesty.

Pius smiled softly. “Praise God!” That was when the pastries caught his attention. “Is that paczek by any chance?”


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