Sylum Fic: Roads Untravelled by Bj Jones

The moment y’all have been waiting for.

The new and improved Roads Untravelled.

We started working on this particular story, mainly because of the changes made with Sam Winchester who is now Theo, and the introduction of John Rhys as Meridia.

As Meridia played an important part in Roads it needed to be updated.

Once we got into it … the bobs got involved.

This story has an additional 100 pgs, than the original – a total of 580 pgs.

 Yes, you read that right 580 pgs.

Read it.

Read it again.

Read it a 3rd time.

There is a lot of new information that will be vital for upcoming storyline.

The new story has been uploaded to the Archive … did I mention the 580 pgs?

It was a bit large to put on the blog.

*hands out coffee & tea, treats & snacks*

With no further ado … if you even waited this long before clicking!

Roads Untravelled by Bj Jones

Warning: Possible moments that could lead to dropping tablets, phones and laptops …


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