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Sylum Fic: Roads Untravelled by Bj Jones

Sylum Fic: Roads Untravelled by Bj Jones

The moment y’all have been waiting for.

The new and improved Roads Untravelled.

We started working on this particular story, mainly because of the changes made with Sam Winchester who is now Theo, and the introduction of John Rhys as Meridia.

As Meridia played an important part in Roads it needed to be updated.

Once we got into it … the bobs got involved.

This story has an additional 100 pgs, than the original – a total of 580 pgs.

 Yes, you read that right 580 pgs.

Read it.

Read it again.

Read it a 3rd time.

There is a lot of new information that will be vital for upcoming storyline.

The new story has been uploaded to the Archive … did I mention the 580 pgs?

It was a bit large to put on the blog.

*hands out coffee & tea, treats & snacks*

With no further ado … if you even waited this long before clicking!

Roads Untravelled by Bj Jones

Warning: Possible moments that could lead to dropping tablets, phones and laptops …



  1. ***Email dings***, on the way to Mass with husband, thinking it was a message from my sister had a quick scan, saw Roads Untravelled and stopped…husband turns to see if I’m ready and sees me looking at my tablet. I tell him that the new story is in, and that I’ll go to Mass in the morning. He takes my tablet, pushes me out the door and tells me that I’ll be grateful in the morning when I can read without interruption. I spent Mass giving my husband the evils which my sisters thought was hilarious. I am now curled up on the sofa with a fully charged tablet ready to enjoy my Ernesto time! <3 <3

      1. Neadyblog

        Breathes deeply! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!
        I have just finished and I am still trying to process it all! A lot to process. But I do have some questions…
        – Are the Caine twins no more or do they come later? Or will they belong to someone else, cause Family is going to be a big rewrite and anything with the Winchester Brothers? (Can sense the ensuing headaches!)
        – I know Giles got found out at the end of a Michael Westin story but is there a continuation that I missed?
        – You have hinted at the Colosseum story…so when do the rest of us get to see the story that is in your head?
        My husband spent the day on the golf course…again…and brought home dinner! So he is now forgiven for last night…though it was picture no sound till he went to play golf! I don’t think he fully understands why I love Sylum universe so much!! Maybe one day I’ll explain!

        1. Nicolaus Meridius

          We’ll be making a post later about some of the changes, specifically around the Caine twins.

          The story dealing with Giles confrontation is second on my to do list … actually it will be coming out when we set up our next ‘character week’ which irony leads directly to the Colosseum story … all roads lead to Rome 🙂 It’s the juggling of fixing the old, while working on the now, and setting up for the future.

          I’m surprised I’m not insane … wait

          PS: Good hubby for bring food. Keep us posted if you recruit him to Sylum *grins*

    1. Val

      And now, having read – and thoroughly enjoyed – I only have one question.

      Speed and wolves, what’s up with that?

      (Yay, now I don’t have to write my werewolf epic!)

  2. Riddick

    I just finished it and I’m still percolating. I’ll have to read it again in a few days. It’s great. But I have a lot of questions. What happened with the Caine twins? Did I miss the story where Giles is shown to be the traitor? Will Carry On My Wayward son have to be rewriten now that Sammy isn’t Meridia? And how does Balthasar ties with the Winchesters now, since it was Commodus who killed Sofya and Meridia? Is John Winchester still Van Helsing’s mate? And without Elisabeth Caine how does Jack the Ripper fit into it?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m so confused.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      There will be a post coming soon, about some of the changes made that will answer questions about the twins.

      For the Winchester stories – yes they have already been updated for the new canon of Sam as Theo we put them out before Advent last year as a Throwback Thursday. As for Balthazar that doesn’t change – Sam still has the soul of his son, and John Winchester the soul of his wife – hence Balthazar’s obsession with them. We had to change the scene in Roads – as there would be no reason for Dracula to attack Sofya to get to Meridia as they have no connection to him … hence Commodus.

      Ripper has many ties into storyline beyond Elizabeth … his connection to Dean for one.

      As for Giles – that revile was in the last of the Michael Westen series.

        1. Nicolaus Meridius

          That part actually hasn’t been updated, irony I was just commenting to Speed about updating the Winchester stories … *looks at the open word document*

          This change kinda came on suddenly … so we’re a bit off balance – but now that Ernesto is settled … we’ll be tackling older stories again.

          It’s that fun moment of updating the old, working on now, while setting up the future 🙂

          1. Riddick

            Thank you for taking the time to answer my comment.

            I know you all have RLs to see to, so waiting is never a problem.

            Your stories are always amazing.

  3. WOW! I tried to finish it last night. Didn’t happen and now I am at work wanting to go home and read!! All the questions above has made be so curious. Good stuff these stories be!

    As Riddick said: “I know you all have RLs to see to, so waiting in never a problem!” The stories are well worth the wait and then some!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Riddick

    Good morning General, I was just rereading Family and was surprised to see Sammy mentioned both as Theo and Meridia, and the birth of the Caine twins, and some other things that don’t fit the new canon, but since it’s so good sometimes I get so inmersed in the story that I don’t notice those things until the second or third rereading.

    You are all wonderful and talented writers, and I could spend hours reading your stories.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      I went through Family to remove the mentions of Meridia, most of have missed one.

      The twins are still mentioned as we’re still working through Clan War … Family likely will not be updated for a bit.

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