Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.




“Who are you?” Nicolaus asked, immensely grateful that Kiernan was in the room with them.

“I was once, Defensor.”

The Monseigneur would not be in the least bit dissuaded from his goal, and framed by the doorway, stood his ground. “You were the first?”

“Yes. I died here. Since then, there have been the others whom you know, and two more whom you do not.”




  1. Ok, that is mean. What is this and when will we get more? You can’t tease without a payback! And my payback is to ask at random times when will we get more!!! LOL! Only teasing! I am very curious about all the teases here, and maybe a little on my story? But mostly I am just glad to get to read this and appreciate all the talent and hard work all of you put into this world.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      I can honestly say … when Roads comes out questions will be answered.

      And as for your story – after 7 Days of Summer I’ll be working on a few timestamps for people 🙂

      1. When you have time and inclination! My daughter is very active in her fandom -( kittyinaz) I am astounded by how demanding and rude readers can be to her! She works hard, as all of you do, and they demand more! Anyway, just happy to be part of it, so no worries on the story, let the bunnies lead you to more stories and I will be a happy camper!

        I remember the stores of yours on livejournal. I checked everyday for a new one! You are awesome!

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