Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 6

Thank yous to: The Writing Muses and I guess to Bj who sent the bunny that multiplied and then wouldn’t take any of them back.

Summary: One day your military, the next day your part of an international counter-terrorism unit, and the next you wake up dead. Or, how Eames got to where he is now.

Sylum Timeline: 1977 – 2009

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14 Responses to Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 6

  1. Antoinette says:

    I like seeing the story from both points of view.

  2. najean1 says:

    —Naj 🙂

  3. Nyx says:

    I really enjoyed Eames perspective!

  4. luminousblade says:

    Loved the story! Might have screamed a little when I read I have to wait until advent for more. Lol

    • taibhrigh Resident Artist says:

      Thank you very much!!

      And, apologies for the delay —it was going to be 3 here and one at advent, but A/E started talking to me about none sylum-y things so I wrote that instead. Well, finished one and started on another… they can get chatty.

  5. ladyholder says:

    Huh. Talk about a cliffhanger.

  6. Wow, loved this companion fic to the one about Arthur! I’m liking this couple! Great reading! One question the art/ forger that Eames was thinking about that got caught and is working White Collar is that Neal Caffery? So looking forward to the 3rd part of these interesting men’s story!

    • taibhrigh Resident Artist says:

      Thank you!!

      And, as Bj is fond of saying: Everything is Connected. That, and you’ll just have to read and see 🙂

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