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Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 7

Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 7

Author’s Note: The first part of the story was posted during McFassii Fortnight, the second part was showcased during Advent: 2018. This is the full story … it’s a bit longer than anticipated and spanned at least two more stories *sigh*

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  1. Nyx

    I loved it! So awesome!
    I do agree Rikkin alive is going to come back and haunt them! As for Boudicca I wonder what is that all about?
    One more thing is Marion Cotillard playing both Sophia Rikkin and Mallorie from Arthur and Eames series?

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      The actress played both parts but this is one of those rare moments that it’s not actually connected. So there are no ties between Mallorie and the Rikkins.

  2. Amazing fic, I enjoyed getting to better know various amazing characters. Callum & Aguilla though, are definitely going up on my top 10 list of favourite Sylum characters; along with Ernesto Olivetti, Jacob Jensen, Michael Westen, Brian O’Conner, John Rhys & Nico Meridius.

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