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Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 6

Seven Days of Summer 2019: Day 6

Thank yous to: The Writing Muses and I guess to Bj who sent the bunny that multiplied and then wouldn’t take any of them back.

Summary: One day your military, the next day your part of an international counter-terrorism unit, and the next you wake up dead. Or, how Eames got to where he is now.

Sylum Timeline: 1977 – 2009

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    1. taibhrigh Resident Artist

      Thank you very much!!

      And, apologies for the delay —it was going to be 3 here and one at advent, but A/E started talking to me about none sylum-y things so I wrote that instead. Well, finished one and started on another… they can get chatty.

  1. Wow, loved this companion fic to the one about Arthur! I’m liking this couple! Great reading! One question the art/ forger that Eames was thinking about that got caught and is working White Collar is that Neal Caffery? So looking forward to the 3rd part of these interesting men’s story!

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