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Discord: Re-Open or at least dusted the place out

Discord: Re-Open or at least dusted the place out

When the votes settled, it was pretty unanimous on the side of Yes to bring the Discord back up with the idea of adding events/times for people to get together.

I’ve got a few things set up – including every Coffee Friday to get people to chat more.

For those who already on Discord, go here for Sylum’s Page

For those who no idea about Discord, go here to read up on how to make an account and where to go.



  1. chinnowah

    Hi, and good evening, I’d have participated in our chats more if I’d been up at the time but I already sleep when the coffee Friday begins and it ends already when I’m up in the morning. So, please excuse my absent. Greetings from Germany

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      One of the advantages I want to take with the discord is opening the coffee house for more discussion on the discord to accommodate all those in different time zones 🙂

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