Coffee House Friday

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What was your first concert?  Favorite?

Who do you want to see the most in Concert?

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Throwback Thursday: Descending Shadows by Gil Grissom



Title: Descending Shadows

Author: Gil Grissom

Summary: A case disrupts a peaceful Christmas Day, and the abduction of one of their own will change the team irrevocably.

Link to Sylum Archive

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Please look into the Neuralizer *Here*

Yo! This is K & J – Listen Up!

 Stories from CSI: Anthology will be posted during Seven Days.  These stories will tie into the re-worked 10th Anniversary stories of Clan War & Annihilation.

Everyone now please look here!


Previous Head Canon you had about Sylum has now been erased.

This is what you need to remember.

1) Thomas is no longer Mated to Hilary

2) Nick and Warrick’s Bonding/Mating isn’t what you think it is

3) What you think is in Clan War/Annihilation isn’t.

4) The basics are the same Speed still rises off the autopsy table – but now that we know their histories more information is being put into the series.

5) Leave feedback/comments for the authors/artists!

6) You are a wonderful person.

7) Go on about your business like nothing happened



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Coffee House Friday

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Have them? Love them? Dude they are my CHILDREN!?


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Throwback Thursday: Wheels of Fate by Bj Jones




Title: Wheels of Fate

Author: Bj Jones

Summary:  I was born Jonathon Clavier. Today I simply go by Clay.

Link to Sylum Archive

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Sylum Clan 10th Anniversary



The 10th Anniversary of Sylum Clan is coming up next year.

Graphic Gecko has asked me to send out a request to everyone.  What Song or piece of music – do you think would be good to use for a 10 years of Sylum Clan video?

*Make sure to list title and composer/singer

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Subscription vs Registration



For the past few weeks we’ve been dealing with the site shutting down from too many hits.  We’ve been working behind the scenes to figure out what’s causing it, and figure out what we need to do streamline the blog for better service.

We found out that we had a major spam attack in our ‘Registered User’ area.  We’ve now closed down the ability to ‘register’ to the blog, and deleted all of the accounts.  This feature was mainly for those of us who were contributing to the blog – as in posting, editing, etc – so the need for registration isn’t a priority.

There were a few of you that did have legit registrations, and for that we apologize.

To continue being notified when there are new blog posts, you’ll need to subscribe for email updates.  You can do this by going to the subscribe section located at the top left hand column.  Enter your email and hit ‘subscribe’.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Sylum_Updates – which tweets all new posts from the blog and tumblr.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Sylum Administration

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Seven Days of Summer: Announcement!


Seven Days of Summer: Announcement!

Due to Real Life, we’re pushing back the start of Seven Days to August 1st.

We’ve got some great stuff in store – so make sure to tune in.

On August 1st!

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Snippet – French Revolution

‘The French Revolution explained by one Dean Winchester’

“Yeah you know.  Let them eat cake.  The peasants get pissed, take out the King and Maria Antoinette, and every rich dude there was.  Then it calmed slightly… except you had one side is like KILL THEM ALL, the other was like dude chill we’re building something here.  Then some chick shanks some dude in a bathtub and gets herself executed, which inevitably leads to Mr. Roper to but his machine to use and take out 400,000 people ’cause you know why not.  Then he gets it his just due award and is beheaded.  Then there was Napoleon.  Then not Napoleon. Then Napoleon again. And now a Republic.”


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Sylum Monthly Calendar – July 2014

It’s Winter in Australia.

Which only means Jack Frost & Bunny!






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Sylum Advent – 2013: John Sheppard Fics Archived


Fics for John Sheppard from Sylum Advent 2013 have been Archived

Link to Sylum Archive

* Do check out Shep’s Author Page as you might find some older fics you haven’t seen in a while.

* Click Tag ‘Archived’ to see what stories/vids/artwork has been Archived to the Sylum Website.

* Reminder – you’ll need a password to access the Sylum website

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Coffee House Friday

Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image


It’s Summer Time here, and kids are out of school – which means Vacation!!

Ahh the memories of two-week road trip with your parents.

Seeing new things. Exploring.  The Adventures.

What was your favorite holiday vacation? Worse vacation?

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Throwback Thursday: Shut Up and Fish by Timothy Quinn



Title: Shut Up and Fish

Author: Timothy Quinn

Summary: Those who go down to the sea in ships, Who do business on great waters; They have seen the works of the LORD, And His wonders in the deep. ~ Psalm 107, 23-24

Link to Sylum Archive

Link to Video Page

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Announcement: Sylum Tumblr




Yes you read that right – Sylum has a Tumblr account.

Why do we have a Tumblr Account?

For Sylum Inspiration.

How is this different from the blog?

* There will be no updates of stories or postings of story links.

* This is mainly dedicated to Sylum Inspiration

* We’re allowing all of you the ability to post material to the tumblr.

* A Question/Answer forum

What is considered Sylum Inspiration?

Anything.  Photos.  Videos. Quotes. Interesting Articles. Gifs. The list is endless.

How is the Q&A different from the Blog?

* Most readers don’t know if someone asks a question nor will they see our answers.  On tumblr you can ask a question and it will be posted along with the answer to the tumblr.

* Disclaimer: By now y’all know we won’t always answer your question in the way you want.

I don’t want/have a Tumblr Account – Can I still ask Questions or upload Inspiration?

Yes.  You don’t have to have an account to do either.  And if you want to keep track of what’s being posted to the Tumblr Account – make sure to follow @Sylum_Updates  as new posts will be linked to the Twitter Account. It’s one happy Social Media family.

Before you click on that file folder and start submitting stuff a few rules!

* Anything you post must be Sylum Related.  DO NOT post every Supernatural gif set you have, and considering Supernatural has a lot of damn gif sets … just no.  If you want to post some – make sure it would fit within the Sylum Universe.

* We get final say on everything that gets posted.  If we feel it’s inappropriate or not in anyway associated with Sylum – it will be deleted.

* I love a picture of a good naked ass as much as the next person but leave the porn to the porn sites *coughs* though privately you can share it with us all you want *coughs*

You also may notice we add a Tumblr share button along with email and twitter to the blog posts.

Now go on – take a look and have fun.

Sylum Tumblr

Sylum Twitter 

While the rest of us fight of Bob and Bob 2 and Alien and the masses of bunnies…


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Well Because I can…

Last week Bob & Bob 2 were being evil by posting the new AC Unity Trailer

*glares at Rabbits*

*gets unrepentant stares back*

We’ve reached a milestone in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War yesterday or I should say Timothy Quinn did… so today I’m celebrating by being evil and teasing you with things to come in the upcoming CSI: Anthology that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary Edition.


~ Slaves of Las Vegas ~

Nick looked up at the mansion and bit back the groan, of all the places to end up on a crime scene.  It looked like a simple old home.  The front had a wraparound porch, old Oak door with bay windows on each side.  The upstairs lights illuminated the dark circle driveway, making a visitor feel welcome.

From the front it didn’t look large, but he knew from personal experience that the house had been renovated, and had two wings off the sides.  There was also a basement that allowed for more public events, along with private rooms to make it more personal.  The attic held high-end play rooms, and for the special guest there were bungalows further back on the property.

He had known all this, because he been to there many times since he moved to Las Vegas, even had a suite in the private section.  It was a place where Warrick and him could escape and leave behind all traces of Stokes and Brown, CSI, and the double life they were leading.

Lady Heather’s Domain

At least Jim had warned him before they arrived. He also mentioned that Gil was curious about Heather, and seemed to paying more attention to her than normal.

Nick closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was not going to freak out over Gil talking to his mother.

He was a Roman General, and had dealt with more embarrassing things while enslaved in Egypt with King Arthur.  He was not going to blush or stammer over the fact his boss was fascinated with his mother.

His mother who ran a brothel.


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