Throwback Thursday: DiNozzo & Gibbs



Gibbs with his trusty cup of coffee!!

I actually love this picture with Tony’s ‘are you serious’ look, and Gibbs ‘did I stutter’ look.

Says everything about these two.

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10th Anniversary Challenge



A while back ago we put out a Coffee House Friday asking for everyone’s input on what could be Sylum’s 10th Anniversary log.  You guys really out did yourselfs and came up with some really good answers.

The Challenge:

Takes the following Mottoes and create, well anything.  Wallpaper, Artwork, fanmix, video … etc.

Sylum: 10 Years of fixing Show Runners fuck ups

Sylum: Keeping characters alive since 2004

Sylum: Keeping our favorite characters alive and kicking

Sylum: Fulfilling our dreams and fantasies since 2004!

Sylum: Where the dead come to life!

Sylum: Better than the original!

Sylum: Your Dreams are waiting

Sylum: Dream it. Do it.

Sylum: Proving that Vampires are not just children of the night

Sylum: 10 Years of fulfilling all your fandom wishes

Sylum: Continually improving on perfection for ten years and counting!


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Character Introduction

tumblr_njkhrd45k61tfq1eeo1_250Knight Clan: Maffeo Polo

As we’re updating the wiki there have been some changes and additions.  Maffeo Polo is a new edition.  He’s not in Shogun as most would think but instead Knight Clan.  In typical Sylum fashion we have a tendency to twist things around – so it’s not exactly as you would expect.

Maffeo doesn’t talk about his family, and he doesn’t talk about his Turning. Just that he woke up dead with a note saying ‘now you know the truth Niccolo was keeping from you’.

Returning back to Italy not wanting to be near his brother, he ended up staying with Lealta Kin Clan. Until he had to deal with Ezio Auditore and moved through Europe.

Maffeo found a home in Canada, far away from his brother and his nephew’s exploits. He explored the Canadian wilderness and enjoyed establishing new fur trade routes. In time he finally found a Clan he could align himself with.

He was good at finding things, and when La Croix needs information he knows where to get it.

Maffeo is Knight Clan’s Researcher.

What does a Clan Researcher do?

They are the Clans data miner.  Clan Leader needs info, they get it.  Spy Liaison needs info, they get it.  Scientist, Hunters, etc… if they need info on a location, a person, directions, historical significance – the Researcher gets it.

More Information on Maffeo Polo

Image: Corrado Invernizzi


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Sylum Inspiration: HMS Surprise


HMS Surprise


This is Admiral Aubrey’s ship.  He commanded her through most of his career, and when he retired as Admiral Stephen bought it for him.

In Sylum she still exists.  She sits in the docks near Sanctuary Clan, under the care of Barrett Bonden, waiting for her Captain to return.

Interesting fact:

The HMS Surprise exists in the real world.

San Diego Maritime Museum – The ship now known as HMS Surprise began life in 1970 as a replica of the 18th century Royal Navy frigate Rose. During the next 30 years Rose sailed thousands of miles as an attraction vessel and sail training ship prior to her conversion to HMS Surprise. For the academy award winning film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, the filmmakers made a painstaking effort to recreate a 24 gun frigate specific to Great Britain’s Nelson era Royal Navy. The result is a replica vessel unmatched in its authenticity and attention to detail.

I’ve and a few other Clan Members had the pleasure of walking it’s planks and exploring the HMS Surprise.  An experience that was inspirational as much as the ship herself.



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Sylum Universe Information: Things you must know when reading Sylum!



Sylum Universe Information:  Things you must know when reading Sylum!

There are a lot of culture reference in our own society, which is no different than the Sylum Universe.  The only thing is that there are culture reference for ‘us’ but not for ‘sylum’.


Star Trek Series: There is no 1960’s TV Show, no movies, no Next Generation etc… For example there will be no references to fictional Captain Kirk, Spock… no iconic lines ‘Captain she’s given it all that she can’ ‘I’m a Doctor Jim not a ….’ ‘Red Shirt Syndrome’ ‘Vulcan neck pinch’  etc…

Star Wars Series: The Original Series exists there are no prequels.  For example there can be references to Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Death Star, Vader, Emperor – May the Force Be With you etc… No references to Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Jar Jar Binks, etc…

POTC: There is a series of movies and everyone is always shocked that Sparrow is really like that.

Transformers: There is no cartoons, books, comics or movies.

Gladiator: This movie does exists (Maximus hates it Quintus loves it)

Stargate: No Movies or TV Series

Disney: Yes it all exists  movies, tv, theme parks, the mouse….

Dreamworks Animation: Movies do exists – just ask Tulio/Miguel in Sanctuary, but avoid Mod Clan and Hiccup…

Moulin Rogue!: The place in Paris and the movie does exists

Young Guns: Yes the movies exists much to Scurlock’s dismay and Billy’s amusement

The Mummy: Yes there are variety of movies and tv shows

Comic Books:

Marvel Comic Universe:  As this is vast and many elements of it is incorporated into Sylum  – this is extremely complicated.

Captain America – yes there is a comic series and Iconic images used for World War 2

Iron Man – no comic series, movies etc…

Hulk – no comic series, movies etc..

Spiderman – yes there is a comic series, no movies/tv shows

X-Men – no comic series, movies etc…

Thor – yes there is a comic series and norse legends

Fantastic Four – yes there is a comic series (Vondoome swears he’s not that guy)

The Avengers – no comic series, movies etc…

DC Comic Universe:  As this is vast and many elements of it is incoporated into Sylum – this is extremely complicated.

Batman – yes there is comic books, movies, tv shows – It’s the running joke for Bruce Wayne and Dick Greyson

Wonder Woman – yes there is comic books, tv shows

Green Lantern – no comic series, movies etc

Superman – yes there is comic books, movies, tv shows (the more recents series of movies does not exists)

Green Arrow – no comic series, movies, tv shows etc


Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle – yes this exists as do the movies and tv shows

Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis – yes this exists as does the movies (based on people Lewis met)

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowlings – yes this exists as does the movies (except Draco wrote it and it’s reference off fellow Clan Members)

Lord of the Rings Series by Tolkien – yes this exists as does the movies (based on people Tolkien met)

Robert Langdon Series – yes but not the way it is represented in our society

Jack Aubrey Book Series by Patrick O’Brian – yes this exists (The movie is currently in development by Wayne Studios rumored to be staring Kirk Lazarus as Jack Aubrey)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly – yes this exists as does the movies and adaptations

Dracula by Bram Stoker – yes this exists as does the movies and adaptations

TV Shows:

CSI – no series or it’s spin offs

NCIS – no series or its spin offs

Supernatural – tv series made after Bruce meets Sam & Dean

Dr. Who – the long running series of TV show does exists (The Doctor blames The Ancient for that)

Deadliest Catch – in Sylum it’s Crab Hunting

Due South – is in production – Wayne is pissed didn’t get rights to it

Video Games:

Assassins Creed – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Prince of Persia – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Watchdog – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Resident Evil – Games and movies exists with variations from what we play in our society

Halo – Games, TV Shows, books do exists


This list is not exclusive and is subject to change at the whim of the Bob’s.  If you have a question about a series/books/movies or other types of cultural referencing  – reply to this post.

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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

It’s Foggy out side – which I always refer to as Raptor weather, cause you know their lurking in the low mist ready to attack.

What do you imagine is in the Fog/Mist as you travel through it?

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Throwback Thursday: Speedle & Caine


Is Horatio wearing Speed’s Blue Shirt??

CSI: Miami – Aired as a cross-over with CSI in 2002.

Two years later they screwed up their entire show…yet Sylum was Born.

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Character Introduction

cos-ben-stiller-pic-sm-image-2-657906903-300x200Tallikut Clan: Meriwether Lewis

Turn Date: 1803 AD

Sire: Thomas Jefferson

Mate: William Clark

Position: Spy Liaison


When we asked what more people would like to see on the Sylum Tumblr, one suggestion was Character Introductions.  Basically, who are some of these behind the scene characters that we don’t get more information on.

Thinking this was a great idea, we implemented it on Tumblr.  After a few successful posts, we decided to move this particular element to the blog, mainly since most of our audience isn’t on Tumblr.

As we are rebuilding the wiki, this opportunity to introduce new and old characters would be fun and informative.  (Note: we’re not showcasing all of these characters history – just enough to get your interested *smirks*)

So today we’re starting off with a character from Tallikut (Note: as I finished working on that clan a few weeks ago).


Meriwether Lewis is famous for being half of the Lewis & Clark Explorers.  Their mission was to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase, establish trade and claim the Pacific Northwest for the United States.

For Sylum – He’s a friend of Thomas Jefferson, who Turns him before they set out on the expedition.  Giving him a set of instructions he’s supposed to follow and information he’s supposed to gather.

It’s during the exploration that he would ended up Turning his Mate, and also their guide Sacawagea.

Historically Meriwether Lewis’ death is surrounded by controversy.  His death was labeled a suicide, many of his friends weren’t surprised by the statement.  The only problem was accounts of what happened do not coincide with a suicide.  One witness heard multiple shots fired and a struggle.  They found him slumped over his traveling chest, clutching his jacket.

It’s in these moments where Sylum twists facts, fiction, and rumors.

After Meriwether’s ‘death’, he had to leave the Louisiana area, and made his way up North to Tallikut, and waited for his Mate to join him.

Meriwether Lewis is Tallikut’s Spy Liaison.

What is a Spy Liaison?  He or she is the person who works with Lamont in the Vampire Council, keeping him informed of what is going on in their part of the world.

They will work with Hunters in their Clan to know what is going on throughout their territory.  Work with Liaison’s from other Clans to make sure that there is no hidden or surprise attack.

They work with the spies that no one knows about but Lamont, and usually have a few of their own (vampire and human).

Image: Ben Stiller

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Happy Mardi Gras



 It’s Mardi Gras!!

The Manor is decked out.  

The Bar is Open.  

Food prepped.

It’s time for a good ol’ Fashion Party!!

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Sylum Inspiration: New Orleans


New Orleans has always been an Inspiration for Sylum.  When I was starting to write Sylum I knew from the beginning it was going to be based in New Orleans.

I personally love the city and consider it a second home.

It’s a city I would suggest to anyone that they must visit at least once in their lives.



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Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day.

Love who you are, who your with, and your bunnies!

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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.

Plans for the day?  Hell no I don’t celebrate? Wait what OMG it’s tomorrow?

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Throwback Thursday: Stokes & Brown



You kinda want to pet them…

CSI aired for the first time in 2000 – hard to believe it’s been 15 years!

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Reminders: Q&A and Spring Fling



Friendly Reminders:

Spring Fling 2015 – Sign ups are open until February 20th.  Please go to this Post for more information and to reply if your interested.

Sylum Tumblr – Yes we have one! Stop by check out the pretties and interesting post and facts about Sylum.  You can submit your own pretties and also ask questions.  You do not need a tumblr account to do any of these things! Follow the Link to the Pretties.  (We just put up a new Character Introduction from Knight Clan)

Sylum 10th Anniversary Q&A: We’ve extended the deadline and will be taking questions up to February 15th.  So you have four more days to ask any question you would like about Sylum, the characters, what goes into creating the universe, questions to the bobs, etc…  If you can’t access the submit form – please just reply to the post.


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Update: Sylum Wiki


Anyone seen my red stapler?

Update: Sylum Wiki

A while back we mentioned that the wiki went defunct.  It just curled up and died.  So we brainstormed to figure out our best options.

In the end we decided to rebuild the wiki on a more stable platform in another section of the website.  This way we can edit the Clans, update/edit bios, and build a working wiki – on the sidelines without disturbing the dead thing in the corner.

Goal is to have it up and working when we release 10th Anniversary of Clan War.  As the bios will be in relation to the changes made in the Arcs.

At the moment the following Clans have been edited, updated and uploaded to the new wiki: Sylum, Camelot, Vampire Council, Tallikut and Knight.


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