Character Introduction: Romeo Montague


Passion: Legal Advisor


Name: Romeo Montague

Turn Date: 1575 AD

Sire: Lucius Malfoy

Mate: Juliet Montague


Romeo made the mistake of falling for the wrong girl. His family house refused to allow them to marry a bitter rivalry still playing out.

He was set out to run off with Juliet when one of her brothers decided to take matters into his own hands.

As Romeo lay dying he was surprised to his father’s lawyer standing over him, asking if he truly wanted his Juliet.


Image: Leonardo DiCaprio


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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

It’s officially October.  Now that you would be able to tell by the weather outside!  Or at least in my area of the world.

So Fall in theory is here.

What’s your favorite fall activity?

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Clan War 10th Anniversary: Interlude: Rode Hard Put Away Wet (CSI: Anthology)



Title: CSI: Anthology – Interlude: Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Link to 10th Anniversary Page


This story in the Anthology sets right in between Clan War: Bonding and Clan War: Transitions.  I hope everyone has caught up on the Anthology to understand what’s going on.

Link to CSI: Anthology

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Sylum Monthly Calendar: October 2015



I would like to thank Taibhrigh for another amazing Calendar!


Some of the more recent Calendars you’re seeing other clans and characters.  Plus some hints of what could come?


*Right click to download

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National Coffee Day


It’s National Coffee Day!!

So to all our coffee drinkers!! Enjoy!!  


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Character Introduction: Kurt Wallander


Mod: Second-in-Command


Name: Kurt Wallander

Turn Date: 1531 AD

Sire: Hamlet

Mate: Horatio


Kurt was not the son his father wanted, he didn’t follow in his footsteps, instead set out his own path as a soldier. He ended up ‘policing’ the area and finding those who committed crimes against the village.

His wife died in childbirth with their only child, the child died not soon after. He never remarried and had a reputation of living outside the ‘society’.

It was Hamlet who found him. Having been shocked by a letter from his old friend Horatio, that a descendant in the family had survived.

When Hamlet gave him an option to do something with his life, he took it.


Image: Kenneth Brannagh

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Sylum Inspiration: Nick & Warrick


As last night was the Finale of CSI…. No I didn’t watch it – I really had no interest as the show ended for me a long time ago.

But still 15 years!! And since CSI was part of how Sylum started it deserves a nod of thanks and gratitude.

So here’s to Nick & Warrick!  Still major Sylum Inspiration after 10 Years.


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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

Is there that one person?

Historical, living, even fictional Person who has inspired you?

Helped you through rough moments, gave you courage to face the next thing?

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Character Introduction: Leo Demidov


сила: Hunter


Name: Leo Demidov

Turn Date: 1955 AD

Sire: Yevgeniy Onegin

Mate: Raisa Demidov


Leo Demidov is a World War II Hero and works for the Ministry of State Security (MGB). When he uncovers a strange and brutal series of child murders, MGB refuses to acknowledge the deaths as murders, however, because Soviet doctrine states that only capitalism creates serial killers. The son of Leo’s partner is murdered by the serial killer, and during Leo’s investigation, his wife, Raisa, is accused of being disloyal to the state. Leo suspects that his amoral and ambitious enemy in the MGB, Vasili Nikitin, is behind the charges. Leo refuses to support the accusation, and he is forced to take a demeaning militia position in the town of Volsk. Raisa accompanies him and must work as a janitor.

In Volsk Leo meets his new commander, General Nesterov. Meanwhile, Vasili calls Raisa and attempts to persuade her to leave Leo and join him in Moscow. When she refuses, Vasili orders a local MGB man to abuse her. Raisa later admits to Leo that she only agreed to marry him because she feared what would happen to her if she refused a high-ranking member of state security.

More child murder victims are discovered in Volsk, and after Leo tells Raisa that he suspects a serial killer, she decides to help his investigation. Together they convince Nesterov and his wife, Seleyse, that the deaths must be investigated as serial murder. Further investigation reveals that the killer has claimed at least 44 victims and that he is traveling the rail lines to find his targets.

Leo and Raisa travel in secret to Moscow to interview a woman who reported seeing the killer. The interview does not bear fruit, however, and to escape possible pursuit by the MGB, they seek out Raisa’s former colleague. During the meeting Raisa discovers that the colleague is an informer planning to turn them in to the MGB, and Leo kills him. Leo tells Raisa that she can leave him if she wishes, but she says that she wants to stay with him.

Leo and Raisa return to Volsk, but there they discover that Vasili and his men have pursued them for killing the informer. They are arrested and interrogated, then put on a train to a work camp. During the train ride, they are attacked by killers at the order of Vasili; after killing their assailants, Leo and Raisa jump off the train. They trek to Rostov, where the highest concentration of the serial killer’s victims has been found; they reason that the killer must work close to the rail yards there.

In the Rostov tractor factory, Leo identifies the killer by cross-referencing worker travel with the location and date of the murders. Leo and Raisa corner the killer, who surrenders to them. However, the killer is suddenly shot in the head by Vassili, who has followed Leo and Raisa. Vassili tries to execute them, but after a vicious struggle, they kill Vassili. Leo cleverly tells the MGB agents who arrive that the serial killer killed Vassili and that he then shot the killer. Because the serial killer was a POW in German camps, the MGB is able to explain away his actions as those of a Nazi agent.

Leo is reinstated in Moscow. Despite being offered a promising political position, he instead asks to create and lead a homicide division in Moscow. Leo and Raisa adopt 2 girls who were orphaned by Vassili.

Not soon after he was settled Leo was approached by Yevgeniy Onegin, who wanted to offer him another position. Leo questioned what Yevgeniy wanted, and when the man sat him down and explained all that he was to offer. He took the chance.


Image: Tom Hardy

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Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Aye ye Matey’s

For Talk Like a Pirate Day we figured to do a post showcasing our Pirates.


Captain Warrick Calhoun


Captain Jack Sparrow


Will Turner


Quartermaster Jim Brass


Captain Hector Barbossa

And many many more….

And to conclude today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day – We’re taking you back a bit.

Story Trailer:  Into Winter


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Coffee House Friday: Sylum Characters


As we’re working through the bios for the last of the Kin Clans *WOOHOO* *cough*  *sheepish grin*  Once finished we’ll be working on those last stragglers that will need to be added.

I figured with these finishing touches – we’ll send a call out for additional Characters before the Wiki is finished.

Because once it’s done.

Characters will only be added or updated due to changes in Storyline.

So for the next week, we’ll be taking Character Suggestions.  Now before you crack you knuckles and go for the keyboard please read – Sylum Essay: Characters before you send us who you want to see in the Sylum Universe.  Remember there are a variety of Clans from all of the world.

We’re not guaranteeing we’ll take all the suggestions.  But you would have a better chance if you give us a ‘bio’ to go with it.  We don’t always know who you’re talking about so unless we can see why you want to add them, its just a name and a face to us.

Now if you do not want to add your suggestion to this post you can send it via email.

Bj Jones –

If you want to go via third party

Janet –

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Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition: Bonding



Title: Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition: Bonding

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Artist: Taibhrigh

Author’s Note: This chapter is longer and more detailed than the original.  Which is why many of these chapters have taken longer to re-work.   Lets put it in a perspective everyone can understand.

Bonding: 30 pgs

10th Anniversary Edition: 204 pgs

This is standard with all the Chapters.  The original Clan War worked out to be 400+ pages.  We passed that number somewhere in Loyalties.

Note from Bj Jones:

As it’s been a while since this has been said I figured a reminder was in order as we start to officially post Clan War.

So listen up this will only get said once.

We do not put warnings on stories.

There’s a large blanketed warning over the full series: At one point in time we will discuss subjects that will be uncomfortable, write something offensive, showcase a large variety of sexual acts and partners, and use language appropriate for the time period.

In conclusion: Sylum Essay: Modern Sensibilities ….

Thank You.

Now enjoy the story …. cause your in for the wildest wild in the Caribbean!

Link to Sylum 10th Anniversary Page

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Sylum Advent 2015: Sign Ups Closed



Sylum Advent 2015: Sign Ups – Closed!

As of today sign ups are Closed.  If you signed to participate there will be check in, the 1st and 15th of October and November.   All Advent materials are due the 25th of November.  If you can’t make this deadline let me know in advance to arrange schedules.

I have to say Advent is going to be pretty awesome this year with everything that is being planned and worked on!

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Sylum Inspiration: Pirate Ships



Pirate Ships!

There are a variety of Pirates through out Sylum and they usually come with their own ship.

Likely the most famous of Pirate Ships is the Black Pearl.  Anyone would recognized the black sails and ship coming out of the fog heading straight for them.



Then there’s the Dutchman.  No one wants to see this heading in their direction. No one.


Lastly there’s the Jackdaw which will be introduced – when the time is right.


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Sylum Essay Series: Vampire Relationships



Sylum Essay Series: Vampire Relationships

The Relationships between Vampires can be vast and complex.   The Sire/Childe Bond, Mate Bond, and other type of Bonds are not always simple and cookie cutter.  Every Bond is different.  Every relationship is different.

Kinda like every day relationships.

As 10th Anniversary Clan War Edition starts to be posted, the variety of relationships will be showcased throughout the series.

It’s not as simple as two Vampires come together as Mates and they live happily ever after.  No relationship works that way.  Even being Soul Mates knowing that they are destined to be together, and if one is to die the other follows – isn’t going to stop the OMG you left your damn shoes in the middle of the God Damn Hallway again!!  It’s also not going to always tie the two so tightly together that there is no one else in the picture.

Some Mates are going to be possessive with each other. Some aren’t.  Some are going to have strong bonds that can handle long distances apart.  Others will always be with the other.  Some will have times when the Bond is closed off.  Others will never close the Bond between them.

Every relationship is different.

Will Turner and Jack Sparrow never close the Bond between them, due to what happened with Davy Jones Locker.  Even when one of them is being beaten, tortured the Bond never closes.

Yev and Craig never Mated even though they knew there Mates for ages, due to their jobs.  It isn’t until Evolution they finally Mate.  But they still have to maintain their jobs, which would require them to close down the Bond.

Ethan Hunt is an Agent/Spy.  He will do what he needs to do.  If that means bedding the target, he does it.  Luther doesn’t get pissy or upset over the situation, he knows it’s Ethan’s job.  Now he will Claim his Mate the moment the job is over, but he doesn’t take it personally.

Older Vampires have established relationships well before they get a Mate.  This can at times cause strife, in some pairs.  It will take Ray some time to adjust to Benton’s history with Shep.  For others it’s not a problem.   Arthur and Nico have a long lasting relationship before Guin and Warrick came into the picture.  It’s a relationship that the Mates in time learn not to get between.  Eliot and Neal have a relationship that has lasted 1600 years.  They refused to be parted despite both having Mates – hence their harem.

Then there’s the unique situation of a married couple who is Turned but end up Mated to other people.  Marc Antony and Cleopatra were married with kids, both Turned and ended up with Alexander and Boudicca.  These two are not just going to stop loving each other.  They have a long history and children.  They will want to be in each other’s lives and their Mates would need to learn to deal with it.  But like all relationships – it isn’t simple or easy to do.

Vampires also have connections to old souls, this will pull them together sometimes good and bad.  Carlos and Ernesto have a deep connection that won’t really go away, and it can come out in full force in awkward moments.    Ethan has the soul of Brandt’s wife – these two still act like a Married couple.   Their Mates think its humorous.  Warrick and Guin were married in a past life, tightening their Bond in the now.

Not all Mates can handle the other Mate having sexual relationships with others.  Some like to watch *I’m looking at you Warrick*.   Others like to share between them *I’m looking at you Daniel and Davy*.  Vampires will have Kinks much like Humans do.  The difference is they are older, wiser and have little fucks to give to ‘society’ perception of how they live.

A Vampire can have many Bonds in his life, depending on who they’ve Turned over the years and their connections to that Childe.  Nico is a unique situation in the fact he’s got strong connections and ties to many in his life.  He has his blood family, souls of his children, past lives, and strong Bonds made over his years on this planet.  This is not the rule, but the major exception that runs as a woven thread throughout the series.

A Sire/Childe Bond will have both sides feeling strong emotions from the other.   They won’t sense normal everyday emotions and further they’re from the other – even less.  But they will feel  a major spike in any emotion or a physical attack – like getting shot.  They will feel the death as the Bond unravels from the loss.

A Mate Bond will feel each others emotions and physical injuries.  The stronger the Bond the more intense.  They can’t ‘track’ someone down via the Bond, like during Family – Warrick despite the strong Bond between them could not track Nico’s location.  All he could do is supply his own strength, love and devotion to his Mate to keep him calm.   Cause he knows if he freaked, Nick would freak and that isn’t’ good.

A Mate Bond with a Non-Vampire.   I’ll take a moment for everyone to get their head wrapped around that…. okay done.  There are at the moment two Vampire/Non-Vampire Mated pairings.   Go ahead try and figure them out …….. Robert De’Lapins and Jack Frost;  Tia and Davy Jones.  Tia and Robert are both Vampires, while their Mates are not.  A Bond is created between them but how they handle each other is quite different from all other relationships.

A Vampire Bond – what is this you ask?  Bonds between Vampires that aren’t Sire/Child or Mates.   Is this possible? Yes.  Hunting pairs build strong Bonds.   Brandt and Tamara have many times Hunted together over the centuries they have a strong Bond to each other.   Their relationships is close, despite Tamara having a Mate and later Brandt’s own Mate.  Evie and Jake Fry – siblings who aren’t Mates.  They still have a strong Vampire Bond that is enhanced by the fact their fraternal twins.

As shown there are a lot of different Bonds that pull Vampires together .  The goal is to showcase the variety of these Bonds over the stories.   So a quick note to the readers: let go of any conception you think Bonded Vampires should act or do.   All relationships and Bonds are different depending on the character, time and place of the story.  How one acts in 21st Century is different from 18th Century – but we already had that Essay Series.

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