Character Introduction: Ashoka


Sanguen Vitae: Member (India)


Name: Ashoka

Turn Date: 260 BC

Sire: Alexander

Mate: No Mate


Ashoka was born to the Mauryan emperor Bindusara and a relatively lower ranked wife of his, Dharma. He was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, founder of Mauryan dynasty. The Avadana texts mention that his mother was queen Subhadrangi. According to Ashokavadana, she was the daughter of a Brahmin from the city of Champa. Empress Subhadrangi was a Brahmin of the Ajivika sect, and was found to be a suitable match for Emperor Bindusara. Though a palace intrigue kept her away from the emperor, this eventually ended, and she bore a son. It is from her exclamation “I am now without sorrow”, that Ashoka got his name. The Divyavadana tells a similar story, but gives the name of the queen as Janapadakalyani.

Ashoka had several elder siblings, all of whom were his half-brothers from other wives of Bindusara. His fighting qualities were apparent from an early age and he was given royal military training. He was known as a fearsome hunter, and according to a legend, killed a lion with just a wooden rod. Because of his reputation as a frightening warrior and a heartless general, he was sent to curb the riots in the Avanti province of the Mauryan empire.

The Buddhist text “Divyavadana” describes Ashoka putting down a revolt due to activities of wicked ministers. This may have been an incident in Bindusara’s times. Taranatha’s account states that Achare Chanakya, Bindusara’s chief advisor, destroyed the nobles and kings of 16 towns and made himself the master of all territory between the eastern and the western seas. Some historians consider this as an indication of Bindusara’s conquest of the Deccan while others consider it as suppression of a revolt. Following this, Ashoka was stationed at Ujjayini as governor.

Bindusara’s death in 272 BCE led to a war over succession. According to Divyavandana, Bindusara wanted his son Sushim to succeed him but Ashoka was supported by his father’s ministers, who found Sushim to be arrogant and disrespectful towards them. A minister named Radhagupta seems to have played an important role in Ashoka’s rise to the throne. The Ashokavadana recounts Radhagupta’s offering of an old royal elephant to Ashoka for him to ride to the Garden of the Gold Pavilion where King Bindusara would determine his successor. Ashoka later got rid of the legitimate heir to the throne by tricking him into entering a pit filled with live coals. Radhagupta, according to the Ashokavadana, would later be appointed prime minister by Ashoka once he had gained the throne. The Dipavansa and Mahavansa refer to Ashoka’s killing 99 of his brothers, sparing only one, named Vitashoka or Tissa, although there is no clear proof about this incident (many such accounts are saturated with mythological elements). The coronation happened in 269 BCE, four years after his succession to the throne.

Buddhist legends state that Ashoka was bad-tempered and of a wicked nature. He built Ashoka’s Hell, an elaborate torture chamber described as a “Paradisal Hell” due to the contrast between its beautiful exterior and the acts carried out within by his appointed executioner, Girikaa.This earned him the name of Chanda Ashoka (Ca??a Asoka) meaning “Ashoka the Fierce” in Sanskrit. Professor Charles Drekmeier cautions that the Buddhist legends tend to dramatise the change that Buddhism brought in him, and therefore, exaggerate Ashoka’s past wickedness and his piousness after the conversion.

Ascending the throne, Ashoka expanded his empire over the next eight years, from the present-day boundaries Assam in the East to Balochistan in the West; from the Pamir Knot in Afghanistan in the north to the peninsula of southern India except for present day Tamil Nadu and Kerala which were ruled by the three ancient Tamil kingdoms.

While the early part of Ashoka’s reign was apparently quite bloodthirsty, he became a follower of the Buddha’s teachings after his conquest of Kalinga on the east coast of India in the present-day states of Odisha and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Kalinga was a state that prided itself on its sovereignty and democracy. With its monarchical parliamentary democracy it was quite an exception in ancient Bharata where there existed the concept of Rajdharma. Rajdharma means the duty of the rulers, which was intrinsically entwined with the concept of bravery and dharma. The Kalinga War happened eight years after his coronation. From his 13th inscription, we come to know that the battle was a massive one and caused the deaths of more than 100,000 soldiers and many civilians who rose up in defence; over 150,000 were deported. When he was walking through the grounds of Kalinga after his conquest, rejoicing in his victory, he was moved by the number of bodies strewn there and the wails of the kith and kin of the dead.

His victories and ability to unit all of India, caught Alexander’s attention. He made his way back to India, to talk to Ashoka. He was there to witness Ashoka convert to Buddasm and changing his ways. Seeing the man grow and change, he offered him immortality.


Note: You might have noticed (India) next to the characters name.   While building Sanguen we’re establishing a section in India.  There isn’t enough Vampires to have a Clan or even a Kin Clan at the moment – so they established in India but their ties are to Sanguen.

Image: Irrfan Khan

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Sylum Inspiration: Caesars Palace

Caesars-Las-Vegas-Art-1Caesars Palace


Iconic Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.   In opened in 1966, and despite hardships today is still standing.

For Sylum – Caesars is owned by Nicolaus Meridius through so many shell accounts and variety of companies not many know it’s his.  Daniel Ocean is the Hotel Manager, Basher Tarr is his Head of Security, and now Rusty Ryan is Casino Manager.

Rumors have there’s mob money in the hotel, but it was built all on Nico’s money and banking investments.   It’s Roman themed for a reason, and the largest penthouse is the Meridii Villa.

Not that you can go to Caesars and ask for the Meridii Villa – they may look at you weirdly!!

Caesars isn’t the only one owned by Vampires.  The Bellagio is owned by Terrance Benedict.  The Monticeto (aka Mandalay Bay) is owned by Ed Deline and his Mate Daniel McCoy.  The Paris is owned by Issac Evans.

For More Information:

Caesars Palace



Monticeto (Aka Mandalay Bay)


Quick Comment: This Sylum Inspiration will be up for two weeks, as yours truly will be on Vacation next week!


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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image



Do you follow any particular sport? team?

Casual follower? obsessed?

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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A





Q: How do you decide who goes into what clan and has their job inside that clan?

A: This is not an easy task.  As we’ve been fixing the wiki, this has been a question that has popped up many times.   Well in forms like: Why the hell is he the Archivist? or Who the hell is going to be the Scientist!? And WTF is he doing in Australia?

Sometimes it’s easy.  Van Helsing as Lead Hunter yeah that’s simple.  Finding a Lead Hunter for Sanguen – you would think would be easy except for the fact you need one that has been around a while, since Sanguen is the 3rd oldest Clan.  Can’t have a modern guy as a Lead Hunter without explaining where the old one was.  It took a bit but yes we did find one.

For something like Clan Psychologist we try to find actually characters or historical psychologist.  Now considering this is a newer addition to the Clan structure and it’s a modern science, there can be moments of well who would ‘grow’ into the role for Clans like Medjai or Sanguen.

This works for all the Clan Positions.   We’ve had moments of character easily falls into the position, Jack McCoy – Legal Advisor and others where it’s searching for someone to fill the spot, Eowyn – Clan Doctor.

Now as for how someone just ends up in a Clan.  That depends on if the character is a historical figure, the show/book/movie a character came from, and sometimes tossing a dart at a map.  Crocodile Dundee – Oceania.   Javert – Passion Clan.  Ahkmenrah – Medjai.  These were more the obvious ones.

An interesting twist on how to figure out which Clan – while working with the Kin Clans we looked up one of the historical characters and realized he would be better in Medjai instead of where he was, because he had a long history of exploring Africa over living in Switzerland.

Actually one of the more nightmare situations was dealing with the Medjai – as many other characters had moved from Medjai to other Clans, we ended up with the oldest clan with the youngest members.   Which had to be adjusted and much research into the ancient world.  This was an example of using more historical characters instead of shows/movies as we personally don’t know Egyptian/Middle Eastern movie industry, and if you research movies based for Ancient Egypt you get Lawrence of Arabia, Ten Commandments, Cleopatra and The Prince of Egypt.

Believe me there have been times in the past year (whimpers at how long working on the wiki) where we’ve done the WTF OMG WHY?  We’ve moved people around, wiped them out, changed dates/sires/mates and even images.  And once the wiki is finished and revealed you’ll see the work done on it.  Though I personally have to admit, I know more about certain histories and cultures I never thought I would.  So it’s been a learning experience.



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Character Introduction: Dastan


Sanguen Vitae: Hunter


Name: Dastan

Turn Date: 905 BC

Sire: Hassansin

Mate: Tamina


Dastan doesn’t remember much of his parents. His only memory of his father, telling him to stay hidden. He watched from a hiding place as his father is struck down. The face of the man who killed him is engraved in his memory.

As is the red sash that was always tied around his father’s waist. He had taken it when the villagers had came for him. It was the only thing he had left.

One day, when the Sharaman visited the market square, he saw the young Dastan risking his life to save his childhood friend and fellow urchin, Bis, from the guards, he saw the “Spirit of a Noble King” inside him and so he decided to adopt him as a son, making him next in line to the throne so that the two other Princes would not fight for the crown.

Dastan grew up as one of Sharaman’s sons. He shied away from the courts and focused on training his military skills. He was quick on his feet, and had abilities to get into places most never even thought about.

Dastan and his brothers, under the advisement of their uncle, Nizam, set out to the Persian borders near the sacred city of Alamut. It was said that Alamut has been selling weapons to the Persian enemies in “Koschkan”. Dastan leads a strike force into the city to open the main gates, giving the Persian soldiers the victory. Shortly thereafter, Dastan encounters a man on horseback and defeats him, discovering the Dagger of Time in the process. Alamut’s princess, Tamina, is captured and agrees to marry Tus in order to achieve peace after noticing the dagger in Dastan’s possession. Their father, Sharaman, got angry with them, saying that their “adventure” would not sit well with their allies.

Sharaman reproaches Tus for attacking the city and suggests that Dastan, instead of Tus, should marry Tamina. At the victory banquet, Dastan unknowingly presents a poisoned robe, given to him by Tus, to his father, who dies shortly after donning it. Dastan is blamed for the king’s murder and flees Alamut with Tamina. Together they venture into the wilderness.

In their first camp, Tamina attempts to kill the prince and recover the dagger. During their fight Dastan hits the dagger out of Tamina’s hand, and when he grabs it from the sand, accidentally presses the jewel button on the hilt that activates its rewinding power. Dastan is transported back to just before Tamina tries to kill him. Shocked at what has just transpired, Dastan hesitates, allowing Tamina to slash him across the chest with his sword. Collapsing to the ground, Dastan pulls the dagger from his belt and activates it again, to Tamina’s obvious horror. Again he is taken back to just before the princess tries to kill him.

Dastan realizes that the dagger can turn back time, and that only the one who holds it is aware of this. After this the two continue on into the desert. During their journey, the duo meets a shady ostrich racing-organizer and tax-averse entrepreneur, Sheik Amar, and his knife-throwing friend, Seso. Dastan offers Tamina up as a slave in return for supplies; however, Amar betrays him because he recognizes him as the murderer of the king, for whom there is an “obscene” reward being offered.

Dastan and Tamina escape and return to Persia for Sharaman’s funeral. Dastan attempts to convince Nizam that he did not kill his father. Dastan discovers that Tamina has taken the Dagger; however, he then notices Nizam’s hands are burned by the same poison put on the robe that killed his father. Nizam claims that his hands got burnt by his trying to pull the robe off his brother at the time, but Dastan does not remember Nizam ever touching it, realizing that Nizam must have been the one who poisoned the robe. Garsiv and the city guards appear and attack Dastan and he is forced to escape.

Dastan catches up with Tamina and explains that Nizam was behind the murder. Once Tamina finally explains everything about the Dagger, Dastan realizes why Nizam wants the Dagger of Time: to use it to go back in time and undo saving Sharaman from a lion so he could become king. He fabricated the false allegations that Alamut had been dealing weapons to Persia’s enemies so that he would have the opportunity to search the city for it. Not knowing it’s power is only to fix an instant mistake.

Dastan manages to persuade his brother that he is innocent, only for Garsiv to be fatally wounded by a Hassansin. The Hassansins attack, killing most of the group, while Dastan and Tamina sneak away to the secret cave where they can hide the Dagger. Tamina says she is ready to give up her life to protect the Dagger, but Dastan stops her and tells her that he is not ready for her to die. They are found and attacked and Zolm manages to snatch the Dagger of Time from Tamina.

Dastan stands in front of the Hassassin recognizing him as the man who killed his father. The man laughs and calls him child playing Assassin, pointing at the red sash around his waist. Tells him his father was the last of the great assassins, and with Dastan’s death there will be no more.


Image: Jake Gyllenhaal

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Sylum Inspiration: Gimli & Legolas


Gimli & Legolas

We’ve introduced Merry & Pippin along with Aragorn and Boromir.   Figured it was time to introduce Nico’s section of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Legolas is a golden retriever and Gimli is a Basset Hound.  The two mostly stay in Nico’s personal office/study and guard the door.  If Nico doesn’t want anyone into his study, leading to his and Warrick’s personal room, they don’t let them in.

Gimli is talented at slamming his heavy weight against the door to stop any intruders.


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Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Emory University Lecture Hall

Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Welcome to Sylum Essay Series.  We’ll be conducting a set of essays to discuss variety of topics, that will likely come up with the upcoming release of the 10th Anniversary Clan War.  We felt it would be a good idea to get some things out in the open now before anything is released.

Today’s topic: Our Modern Sensibilities

Sylum is a vast universe to say the least.  There are many characters, cultures, religions, and histories.   Within our own community on the blog we have a huge international audience which enhances our experiences and a reminder of how small and large the world actually is.

So what do we mean by Modern Sensibilities.

Most of us have been lucky to grow up in a world where … well most of society … has learned to be respectful to the vast culture around us.   Most of us know that there are certain words, phrases, imagery, topics that are not used because its racist, sexist, bigoted..etc.   Modern man would not, in good conscious, utter certain words without disregard to the person they are saying it to.

In Sylum we’re dealing with a expansive history of culture and characters.

Nick Stokes is a CSI from Vegas.  He was raised a good Texas boy and wouldn’t do or say anything that would be disrespectful.   Though raised in Texas we’re sure he heard many colorful words to describe minorities and woman throughout his childhood, but was taught not to use them by his parents.   He was trained to respect woman, and never once would he actually hit one.   In other words, he’s a good sensible man with 21st century values and teachings.   Raised right by his momma.

Nicolaus Valerius Meridius is not Texan nor is American nor is he a Modern Man.  He is a Roman General from a time period where a woman’s place was in the home, slaves and servants were a commodity, and as a Patrician he demanded a certain set of respect.  His word was law in the house.  Wife, kids, servants, slaves did not question his authority.  If they did they were punished.

Even now he would demand respect and obedience from his Clan.

He’s the Clan Leader and it is not a democracy.

The reader will see this particular situation in the upcoming stories.  It’s a shock to a few characters who are getting the brunt of Nicolaus having no fucks to give about their delicate sensibilities and how he should be acting.   They have to come to terms with the difference between Stokes and Meridius.

This particular example is showcasing the characters learning how to deal with a 5th Century Roman General when they’ve been working with a 21st Century Texan.  And how they have to let go of their perspectives and learn who Nico truly is, and not the act he’s put on.

But the readers also have to let go of their ‘delicate sensibilities’.    The reader cannot take their 21st century perceptions of the world and place it on historical narrative.   What we think is acceptable or not acceptable is considerably different 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 500, 1000, 2000 etc…

Just look at the situation now.  Ten years ago same-sex marriage wouldn’t even be talked about let alone accepted … ish.   Fifty years ago interracial marriages weren’t accepted.  Hundred years ago interfaith marriages weren’t accepted.   Society changes, thank god.  But we have to be careful in judging our ancestors by our standards.   We cannot look at our grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and go HOW DARE YOU!  Why? Because their society was completely different from ours.  Was it wrong? No, it was their society, it is from their society that we built ours, and as each generation builds onto it, it changes.   The problem doesn’t lie in past societies, it’s not adjusting to the changes in society as it grows.

Sorry ran off on a tangent there!

What we’re trying to say is this.

Sylum has a 7000 year old Earth History.   There will be stories that will slam against our modern sensibilities.   Words will be used in context of their time period.  We as the writers will not white wash history to make the readers feel more comfortable.

Elena is 13 years old when Nico arranges her marriage.  This is a major story point in Nico’s history as in Tony’s past life.  Elena meets a nice Roman soldier, who Nico arranges for her to marry.  Yes she’s 13.   She just started her period, which in this time made her available for marriage.  And yes her fiance would be in his twenties.

By today’s standard our instincts scream OH HELL NO!  She’s 13!! Not an adult.  She’s barely reached puberty.

Well yeah. But that’s now.  Not then.

Would Nico arrange for Cassie to get married at 13, no.  He would likely kill any man looking at her when she is 13, if Lara and Indy don’t get to him first.  But that’s today’s society not Ancient Rome.

Warrick Calhoun is a Pirate.

This is not your Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Pirates – those who chased the girls around a table and never caught them.  Drinking rum and burning down the town while singing a Pirates Life for Me.

Get that out of your head first off to understand that Warrick is a Pirate.

A filthy, disgusting, lawless Pirate.

He runs his crew with an iron fist, he kills those who disobey him or get in his way, and will take what he wants.  And we don’t just mean the gold.

Again as the writers we are not white washing over this, we’re not disney’fing it.   When he meets Nico, it’s not all sweet and cuddly.  It’s also not anything the reader will expect, whatever head canon that is in everyone’s mind, forget about it. Now.

This meeting defines the two men and their relationship.  It will likely not fit within the readers concepts of how Mates should act, but not every Mated Pairing is the same.

But that’s a whole different essay.

The main purpose of this particular essay is to prep the readers that this isn’t fanfiction anymore.  This isn’t cute, fluffy or an excuse to get two characters into bed.  Oh yes it has sex, lots of sex.  It’s Vampires. There’s lots of Vampire sex.  But it is more than that.  The writers work to keep the historical settings accurate, even if it’s brutal and not a perspective the reader is expecting.   Some of these characters come from hard times, with hard lives.  They will always see the world from a view point ‘the modern man of any particular time’ will not.  Some are old enough to not having any more fucks to give about anyone’s sensibilities.

Harvey will always come across as an asshole.  He’s lived to long to put up with people’s bullshit and will tell them how it is, even in a society that being PC is more appropriate.

Arthur is the King of Britain.  Always will be and demands the respect that goes with it.  He will also expect his wife to act like the Queen that she is.  And when she steps out of place he will put her back in it.

Two examples of characters whose actions would send today’s society into a frenzy.  But it’s who they are, and where they come from.  It’s also an assumption.

Harvey is an asshole but he fights for those he cares for, he’s old enough to have seen societies change, twist, and turn in and around itself many times over.  He doesn’t care what race, religion, or sex someone is as long as they do their job.  They fuck up, he’ll call them on the carpet for it and not think twice about it.  If someone is offended he would ask why they are offended.

Arthur would come across as a demanding husband making his wife be in her place.  But she’s his Queen and rules next to him.  She runs his businesses and is the public face for the two of them in London and politics, because putting Arthur near Parliament would be a bad idea. Guinevere knows her place, and its next to her King as his Queen.  It doesn’t make her any less of a woman for it.

A readers modern sensibilities could vilify these two characters because they don’t fit ‘today’s societies perspectives’.   But then they would have lost out on finding out who they really are.


First.  Set aside all head canon about what you think the beginning of Sylum is.  Though Clan War in it’s element hasn’t changed.  The depth and histories of these characters have been filled out and a stronger foundation has been laid, giving the readers a bigger jumping off base for the whole series.

Second.  Read it.  Read it again.  Then read it a third time.  Look deep to understand the characters and where they come from.  Don’t judge these guys by how you think they should act.  If you don’t understand why – look up the history of who they are, and where they come from.   We actually have a lot of historical characters within Sylum, and how they acted and treated people is documented.

Third.  Remember these characters have huge histories.  Histories we’re just starting to figure out or dive into.  They will have changed over the years, but the core of who they are will always stay embedded from where they came from.  Nico will always be a Roman, but he’s learned to live in a modern society.

Fourth. We the writers guarantee at some point you’ll read something that will jar you. We can already hear the screech of the record pin sliding across the record as you come to a complete halt.  Before you rant off on how dare they – remember this: It’s jarring to you because our society has hopefully gotten rid of that aspect.   Historically it was perfectly acceptable.  It’s a nice reminder that despite the 21st Centuries faults – it’s not a bad place to be.


On a personal note:

We thank you for being patient with us as we get through these re-works.  When we started this it was not attended to take this long, but RL happened to the point of all writing and creativity stopped for over six months.   Just when we were getting into the swing of things, slammed to a stop again due to a physical injury.

We are working hard in not only re-working Clan War, formulating how to handle Annihilation, but also updating the Wiki.  And to understand how big the Wiki Updates are: We’ve just started on our last clan which is Sanguen (not yet the Kin Clans) and there are already over 700 Bios.  Not empty pages, but actual written Bios.  That’s 700 characters that we had to figuring out where they came from, who Turned them, are they Mated, and what have they been doing since.

So yes we’re behind.

But I can tell you this.

It will be awesome!

We’re hoping to start posting Clan War Chapters at the end of August.   And if the heavens align the Wiki will also be open for all to see.  In the meantime we hope everyone is enjoying the Character Introductions.

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Character Introduction: William Murdoch


Tallikut: Member


Name: William Henry Murdoch

Turn Date: 1897 AD

Sire: Nicholas de Brabant

Mate: Julia Ogden


William Murdoch was raised by Jesuits, and through that holds a very strong Catholic belief. He doesn’t talk much about his father, just that he was a drunk and the two never saw eye to eye. His mother died when he was young. She had fallen and hit her head, giving her a concussion later dizzy from the blow she fell and drowned in the river.

He found work at the Toronto Police Department, where he worked under Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. Though the two were quite different, they build a strong friendship and respect. He met Julia Ogden, the city’s Coroner. He liked her instantly, she had a strong mind and spirit. She challenged him daily.

The two ended up in a relationship but their own misguided conceptions, broke apart. He never got over her, but continued to be friends.

He met Nicholas de Brabant when he came into Toronto in search of a friend. The befriended had ended up being Murdoch’s latest case. The two became friends, Murdoch liking the more out spoken man. Over the next few years Nicholas returned to visit William, even pushing him to deal with his relationship with Julia.

It was during a case when William was shot by the suspect that Nicholas revealed his true nature and gave the young detective a chance.


Image: Yannick Bisson

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10th Anniversary Clan War: Trailer



There is a new Clan War Trailer!!!

Click the Banner to see the video!  Reminder: You must have the password to the website to view the video!

Also please remember to bookmark our 10th Anniversary Page!  This is where we’ll be posting the upcoming chapters.   Along with the artwork, trailers, fanmixs – etc!!

10th Anniversary Page

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Sylum Inspiration: Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa

The inspiration of many artists, writers, musicians, thieves…

As we have Leonardo DaVinci in Sylum it was only fitting to have his famous masterpiece.  Well that and Mona Lisa herself still bitches about the painting.  And we won’t mention how many times Raphael stole it, forged it, or just annoyed Leonardo about it!

For More Information: Mona Lisa

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Coffee House Friday: Photo Call 2

Sylum's Coffee House Image


Hey all!  When we did the first call out we got some amazing pictures so to start off THANK YOU!! Today we’re sending out a second call for photos!  But want you to include pets, animals, bunnies etc…

We know it’s a lot to ask, but every bit helps us with these art projects for the store.  We’re working to make the art really fit each of the Clans and their locations.   And to be honest we can’t really afford to buy photos or pay royalty fees.   So anything you send us as a Donation is very very very helpful!


Recap on why we are asking for photos?  

This is part of a project for the Sylum Store, and for other art needs.   We have a world wide audience and hope to create images that represent all clans.

We’re specifically looking for historic landmark: Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, Christ Redeemer … you may be noticing a pattern.   Also looking for everyday type  items: buildings, landscapes, streets, alleys, cafes, etc…  Places from all over the world.

A special call out to anyone who has been to New Orleans!   For those who have been to Clan Gatherings – we’re looking for variety of images of Oak Alley.

One very important thing! These need to be photos that you or  your family/friends  took, who don’t mind donating them to be used for Sylum.


Basically these images will get incorporated into artwork we’ll be using on products for the Sylum Store – so they have to personal photos –not from professionals or ‘borrowed’ from websites.

How do I send photos?


Subject: Photos – ‘insert description or location’

We can’t guarantee we would use your photo, but the more we have the better variety we can provide.

Thank You!!!

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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: A take on a question I asked a few years ago about deciding who joined the Sylum Universe: How did you decide clan leaders and where the clans would be based?

A: Oh that’s a good, complicated do you have a few months question!!

The first one was Nick and that was kinda winging it.   Nick was always my favorite CSI *pets him* and had always felt there was way more to the character that show ever did with him *pointedly glares at moron CSI Writers/Producters/Showrunners*.   I made him older, Roman, though Tim will tell you I picked the worst moment in Roman history! but hey we made it work!  The rest of the Clan fell in and around Nico, Tony and Speed.

When Sylum began to grow, new Clans started to develop some of them were easy others not.

Alexander the Great had to be a Clan Leader and he would be in no other place but Greece

Ardeth leader of the Medjai in Egypt was practically handed to me.

As was Arthur Pendragon of Camelot.

There were a few I had to sit and think about and o with the movies/books that I was working with at the time.  Now remember this was ten years ago so the options were limited.

Benton for Tallikut worked nicely, and putting it in Canada made perfect sense, considering the show it was based on.

I admit Mal was not my addition.   And in truth if I had to start over with it, he would not be there.  But he was sneaky enough to ingrain himself into storyline that could not be changed.  Serenity now is a much different Clan that it started off as.

Doc well he’s always been a personal favorite – movie and historically, so I gave him Border.  Pretty sure he hates me for that.

Katsumoto slipped easily into the role for Shogun, he just need a longer history and background.  Japan seemed at the time like a logical chose considering the political situation in Asia.  Building the Clan’s history, well it’s been a learning curve.

Mad Max worked for Australia, ’cause I really couldn’t see Crocodile Dundee as a Clan Leader!  But we had to build a history for the character, then had to rethink everything when Gibson ended up on our hell fucking no list!  We ended up with an original character based off a fictional one.

Knight Clan and La Croix kinda sneaked into the Universe.  It worked well, as we needed that Clan where the not so good guys but not evil could swear to.  And La Croix fit that persona perfectly.

I’m not actually sure how Vachon got his position, just that he wanted as far away from La Criox as possible and his original character was a Conquistador, so putting him in Brazil made sense.

Now the Kin Clans, well honestly, they’ve been a pain in my ass for a while.

As how we got the Kin Clans.  In the early years of Sanguen there would be need to have small clan structures through Europe to control that area, as travel was limited and took time.  With modern world and easier transportation the structure of the Kin Clans would need to adjust, and that’s what we’re working on now.

As for the Kin Clan Leaders well…

Remus/Romulus are Italy.  Beowulf for the Norwegian area made perfect sense.  The others were tossed around and added into the mix.  I’m going through Sanguen now in the epic wikiwiki adventure so adjustments will be made.  Not that we’ll change Kin Clan Leaders but look more closely at the histories to make things work smoother.  *pokes Sanguen*



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Sylum Inspiration: Invisible Dog?



Y’all are probably scratching your head going – why is an empty leash this weeks Sylum Inspiration.  I mean after all… it’s well… it’s empty!

Today’s Inspiration is all about Billy!! Murdock’s pet dog that has been his loyal companion for a century!!


Billy is very special, he’s Murdock’s guide to know who’s friendly and who isn’t.  There are those beyond Murdock who can see Billy, and even interact with him, making them part of Murdock’s world.   Billy’s important in Sylum not because it’s the ‘visual joke’ or ‘reference to the TV Show’, he’s important because he represents those Vampires that see the world different from others.  He showcases the vast spectrum of type of characters and people in the Sylum Universe.

So the question is …

Can you see Billy?


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Happy 4th of July

imagesHappy 4th of July!


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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A



Q: My 2 favorite Clans are Oceania (because I live in Hawaii), and Shogun (because I’m Japanese-American).  I have been enjoying all the new Oceania stories (Thank you Hawaii 5-0!), and am wondering if there will ever be stories for Shogun?  I also noticed that most of the members of Shogun are Chinese, and was wondering if this was because you didn’t know many Japanese characters (Not complaining! Just thought it was interesting that the leader is Japanese and the clan is based in Japan, but more than half the members are Chinese.)?

A: Since I’m actually working on Shogun at the moment and have highlighted a few of their characters in the past few days, figured this was a good question to answer.  Shogun has gone through a few changes over the history of Sylum.  And it’s only right now that we’ve been able to make a more diverse Clan that incorporates all of Asia.

Now that the Clan is become more settled, stories will start popping up.   You’ll start to see the characters showcased in other stories, and ones centering on Shogun’s characters and histories.  I know that I have a few stories in the works, including Katsumoto’s and Nathan’s meeting and Bonding.  And there are stories centering around World War 2 and what happens to the Clan Members who are Westerners.

Q:  Blue Bloods tv show follows a family of cops, the Reagans, in New York in which Donnie Wahlberg is one of the main characters, he also plays another character who already exists in the clans connected to a triad.

A: I haven’t actually seen Blue Bloods – it’s on my netflix que!  At the moment there is no reason to connect them.  Now when I do get a chance to see the show that could change.

Q: Any plans to add characters from the Raid movies or the Infernal Affairs to Shogun clan? The Departed by Martin Scorsese was a remake of the Infernal Affairs movie.

A: There are no plans for any of the characters from these movies.

There are many elements we look at when we choose characters for Sylum.   Sometimes it can be the character is just perfect, but we steal it from the show/movie and make up our own backgrounds history.  A movie/show can be intriguing enough for us to build off of it.   And sometimes it comes down to logistics.  If a show/character doesn’t work – it doesn’t work.   We also have to look at who the actor or director of the show is – there are some actors that are on our Oh Hell Fucking No list and can’t be used.

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