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Quick Update

The General did some damage to the shoulder on friday.  After a trip to urgent care the general is hyped on good pain meds and down for the count for a while.

What does this mean?

The Blog will not be updated over the next few days, most likely week.


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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: I have question regarding mutants, if they were to be turned in to vampires do they lose their powers or do they keep them? Or does it depend on the powers? If the changes are physically lets say like the Beast, they keep them but if is producing / creating something lets say lightning, as Storm would they lose them? When the powers are psychic we know from Sam and Speed that they keep them after the change.

A: In simplest terms, the Vampire Gene wraps itself around the already developed DNA.   So if the Mutation is developed, say like Storm, the mutation will stay, she’ll still be able to control the weather.  Now imagine for a moment a pissed off Storm,  when someone goes after her Vampire Mate *leaves that thought there for everyone to think about*

Someone like Cas, who already has his Wings, they will also stay after he’s Turned.   This comes from the fact the Vampire Gene sees his wings as normal and that it’s supposed to be part of the body.  If someone was to chop a wing off, the Vampire Gene will grow it back.  This is the same in a normal Vampire for limbs etc…

This also works in the opposite direction – if someone like Al already has an amputation, the Vampire Gene will not grow that leg back, as it reads that is normal for this body.  Now Al will have less pain and irritation due to the Vampire strength and healing, but he would still being deal with the amputation.

Now if the Mutation hasn’t developed, and they are Turned, the Vampire Gene will hold the mutation in check.  For example: Mystique was ‘cured’ then Turned so her Mutation at the moment is in check.

Q: Bones tv show characters exist in the clans, how come Booth and Bones are not mates? And Angela is not with Jack?  Will they come to be in future stories?

A: Sylum never does what is expected.  Not all ‘canon’ couples will stay the same in Sylum.  And sometimes it comes down to personal preference of the writers working with the characters.

These characters were added when we had a slew of ‘new characters’ way way back in the day.  When re-working Tallikut Clan I dumped Angela as the character was not relevant to anything going on in established or future stories.   Booth is already established in story and with other characters.   As I never liked Bones, I didn’t want her connected to Booth to deeply, he’s her Sire but that’s as far as it will go.

With the wiki being updated, ideas and bunnies have popped up dealing with variety of character and clans.  There will be more of Booth in upcoming stories, as he’s one of Tallikut’s Hunters and he does have connections to Angel.  Might not be in the next set of stories, but he’ll be around.

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Character Introduction: Ahkmenrah

3636204_orig-e1429040859851Medjai: Member


Name: Ahkmenrah

Turn Date: 2130 BC

Sire: Ardeth Bay

Mate: No Mate


Ahkmenrah was the youngest son of Merenkahre and Shepseheret. Do to the fact, his brother Kahmunrah, was disrespectful to the people, their father had decided that Ahkmenrah would be Pharaoh.

Kahmunrah didn’t take this well, and attacked his little brother. Akhmenrah’s body guard Malik got into the middle of the situation, giving Ahkmenrah time to kill his brother.

During the struggle he was wounded. He looked over to his friend, who was yelling for the Medjai guards, as he sank to the ground blood flowing through his fingers.

Ardeth knelt down in front of him. Ahkmenrah smiled.


Ahkmenrah is a new edition to the Medjai, along with his bodyguard Malik.  We’ll do another Character Intro next week to showcase Malik.

Image: Rami Malek

ahkmenrah full-length


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Sylum Inspiration: Masyaf


Masyaf is the home of the Assassin Order.

For Sylum – it’s still full functional and very well hidden.  No one can get to Masyaf unless you know where it’s located.  A few of our characters have trained at Masyaf, and not just those ‘known’ as Assassins.

Masyaf does actually exist and has an extensive history.


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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image


The new Star Wars Trailer!



There’s a lot of hype around this, as there was around the prequels.  You looking forward to it?  Did you squee when you saw Han & Chewie? And come on B-88 is adorable.

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Throwback Thursday: Jack McCoy


Jack McCoy


I’ve loved McCoy since he appeared on Law & Order a long time ago …. And knew when building Sylum that he had to be their lawyer.  He excels at giving people ‘seriously I have no fucks to give you so stop lying to me’




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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: Ernesto Olivietti (GOD I love that man) has referenced the events at the Colosseum in reference to Nico more than once.  What happened there or at least which story is it in? I haven’t found it and the few Sylum fans I know to ask can’t remember either.

A: *snickers* It’s amazing how Ernesto snuck into the series and made everyone fall in love with him!!  Colosseum Incident is a story that is coming … I would say soon but there are re-writes for Arcs still in the works.  Once the 10th Anniversary Edition and re-work of Annihilation is finished.  Colosseum Incident is the next big story.   It’s a big event that will change the course of many lives.  *evil tease*

Q: Will NCIS New Orleans have an impact on future storylines?  Considering that Tony and Gibbs transferred to the area and that Lucas Black is playing a character in the series.

A: NCIS New Orleans will have no impact on Sylum.

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Character Introduction: The Twins

A few weeks ago there was a passing mention of the fact we’ve updated and changed ‘The Twins’.   Their story needed some serious adjusting to fit with the new changes with in Sylum.  While adjusting their stories, it was obvious everything had to be re-worked.


Lily Jupiter




Laurie Jupiter




Turn Date: 1875 AD

Sire: Richard Riddick

Lily & Laurie are Mates


They lost their father when they were four years old.  They don’t remember much, but knew their mom cried a lot, until Riddick came into their lives and helped where he could.

They knew something happened to their Uncle Riddick, he was gruffer and more reserved after the nice blonde man had died.

He came in and out of their lives, always making sure mom and them were taken care of.  After mom died, he stayed in New York intent to find them good husbands.  They disagreed.

He took them back to New Orleans and handed them over to Queen Moussette so they could finish their education and be proper ladies.  He had no idea she was also teaching them how to fight, having brought in a warrior he saw roaming New Orleans, who only talked to Nico.

They finally approached him and informed they both wanted to be Turned.

He really couldn’t say no.

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Sylum Inspiration: Angora Rabbits



Angora Rabbits

Well first off Alien is an Angora Rabbit – hence his extreme head of hair when it’s humid!!

Angora Rabbits is also part of the Warren Vineyard in Oceania Clan.  Robert de Lapins raises them for the Angora.  Jack thinks they are adorable but not allowed to play with them.

The photo showed in the Inspiration Block is one shaved, except his ears.  The picture below is one not shaved yet.


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Spring Fling: Reaction Post


Spring Fling has come to a Close!

We thank you for those who have commented throughout Spring Fling.  If you’re still catching up – please take a moment to let the artists know you enjoyed their work.

Thank You!

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Spring Fling: Artwork & Teaser


Welcome to Day Seven



Title: 10th Anniversary Promo – Main Cast

Artist: Taibhrigh


Title: Teaser from Bonding

Author: Bj Jones

Note: This is raw, unedited….

Continue reading

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Spring Fling: Fanmix & Artwork

bar-banner_springfling2015Welcome to Day Six



Title: Sylum 10th Anniversary (volume 1) *

Fanmix Creator: Bj Jones

This creation of fanmix is music that has inspired older stories, inspiring upcoming stories, keep the writers awake, and just a good celebration of 10 years.

*Click on Banner to download Fanmix. Must have password to access Fanmix.



Title: 10th Anniversary Promo – Warrick Calhoun

Artist: Taibhrigh


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Spring Fling: Video & Artwork


Welcome to Day Five




Title: Hackers *

Vid Creator: Bj Jones

Banner: Taibhrigh

* Click on Banner for Video. Must have password to access Video.



Title: 10th Anniversary Promo – Nicolaus Meridius

Artist: Taibhrigh


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Spring Fling: Fanmix & Artwork

bar-banner_springfling2015Welcome to Day Four




Title: Libera Nos A Malo*

Fanmix Creator: Gil Grissom

This fanmix is a sneak peak at the Gil’s upcoming story.

*Click Banner to download Fanmix. Must have password to website to access Fanmix.



Title: 10th Anniversary – Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Artist: Taibhrigh

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Spring Fling: Video & Artwork



Welcome to Day Three




Title: Mission: Impossible Bob Style*

Vid Maker: Bj Jones

Banner: Taibhrigh

*Click Banner for Video. Must have password for website to see Video.



Title: 10th Anniversary Promo – Antonio Crisafi

Artist: Taibhrigh

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