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Wiki – General Update

Wiki – General Update

The Sylum Wiki will always be a work in progress.  At the moment there are two major things going on that will make the wiki more useful along with more information.

The Sylum Wiki Editors are slowly working their way through each Clan to either edit already existing bios, and fill in blank bios.  This is not going to happen overnight.  Hell it’s not going to happen next week, next month, maybe even up to next year.   But it will be worked on an announcements will be made as we go.

There have been many requests over the years about which actors have a variety of characters within Sylum.  Inspired by a dedicated Fan who put together a spreadsheet of all the actors/characters – we came up with a way to showcase this information on the wiki.

– At the bottom of each page there is a list of Categories (Sylum Index, Sylum Clan, Hunter – etc) we’ve added a new Category the actor’s name.  When you click it – it will lead you to a page that will have all the characters that this actor represents.  Example: Ben Wade – scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the Category: Russell Crowe.

– To see a listing of Actors/Actresses there is a link on the sidebar of the wiki called: Actors/Actresses – click the link to get an idea of how this will develop over time.

This will also take some time to be fully incorporated into the Wiki.  But as we updated/edit bios – the actors names will be added.


Updated Bios:

– Nicolaus Valerius Meridius

– Antonio Crisafi

– Timothy Quinn

– Horatio Caine


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