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Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Unfinished Wiki…. Wiki Update!!!

Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Unfinished Wiki…. Wiki Update!!!

I was going to pos the Top Ten Incomplete Wiki Pages but since most of the wiki is being updated I figured this was a better spot to put a Wiki Update

Characters Bio’s Updated:

Clarissa Barton

Gaius Cassius Longinus

Henry Jones Jr.

Jack McCoy

Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Rupert Giles

Artemus Gordon

Domenico di Giovanni de Rossi

Ras Al Ghul

Lara Croft

Jack Bauer

Chase Edmunds

James Hickok

Noah Dixon

Jacqueline Duvalier

Kyra Duvalier

Richard Riddick

Mac Taylor

Daniel Messer

Other Wiki News:

There are now Redirect Links – so if you forget that Van Helsing is actually Gaius Cassius Longinus – if you type in search Van Helsing you wil get Cassius.  These re-direct links will show up as the wiki is updated – mostly for characters who birth names don’t match the ‘fandom’ name.  Ex: Janet Frasier – Clarissa Barton.

Actor Pages have also been updated.  You’ll notice on these bios that have been updated – the Actor Page has been added.

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