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Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Weapons of Choice

Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Weapons of Choice

Over the centuries Vampires have had their choices of weapons … there have been a few changes from original posting – can you spot the differences?

10. Knitting Needles

9. Fishing Knives

8. SR-25 Sniper rifle

7. Vehicle of Chose

6. Bow & Arrow

5. Katina Sword

4. Pearl handled Colt

3. Hidden Blade

2. Excalibur

And the Number 1 Weapon of Choice

1. Phoenix Meridius

So weapons do you love and adore? Can you put the weapon with the Vampire?


  1. Gil Grissom

    My fave on the list has to be the knitting needles. Those things are so unassuming and yet extremely lethal. 😀 Plus it’s hilarious knowing some of the Vampires who would actually use them. 😀

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