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Sylum Update: Wiki & Chat

A few quick updates!

Wiki Formatting: A while back (okay so it was a month ago, but feels longer) I brought up about the formatting for the post for the Wiki, whether to stick with the old style or implement the new one.  The votes favored the new format, and with much discussion, decided to go with the New Format.

This actually wasn’t an easy decision (as this is a lot of work) but the main factor was – we couldn’t trust the plugin to keep working, and if it failed we would be right back where we started.   Thank you for all the votes, it helped with the decision process.

So we’re back to putting in the new format.  As we do Sylum Inspiration’s you’ll see the changes, and we’re slowly working through the Clans – starting with the ones that have updated images.  As the tabs are working, we’ll update bios to the new formatting when we get updated images.

Global Movie Day: Still want to guess how many movies there are in Sylum – you have a chance.  Go Here and put in your best guess.

Discord:  Would you believe we’re actually tied on this … so if you haven’t voted Go Here, read the post and let us know what you think.

Sylum Wiki: To Tab or Not To Tab

The Wiki.

How I despise thee.

Some of you may recall a few months back I made an announcement that due to updates from wordpress, the tabs weren’t working on the theme we had.  We ended up changing themes, only to discover tabs worked on Pages not Posts.

Noticing that the plug in hadn’t been update in a while, we figured best to change the format of the posts, taking away the tabs.

Guess what’s working.

Come on guess!

Yep the tabs.

*sighs along with rolling my eyes*

So here’s the question we have for you.   Keep the new format?  Or go back to tabs?

New Format: James Malone

Tab Format: Timothy Quinn

Please vote below …

Read more“Sylum Wiki: To Tab or Not To Tab”

Search Feature: Sylum Wiki Blog

Wiki Blog Update

When I went to do maintenance on the Wiki Blog, I noticed that search queries were not pulling up any findings!  Despite the fact we all know, there is enough Michael’s and Sam’s to pull up at least 5 bios!!

It took some time, but was able to locate the problem and fix it.

If you were searching for anything on the Blog the past few days, and didn’t find anything – this would be why.  Feel free to try your searches again.

If some of you don’t mind, could you test the search function to make sure it is actually working and reply to this post … that would be great!

Sylum Advent 2017: December 1st


This was a very large update!!  Hence we had to take the Wiki down for a week to prep everything for Advent.

So here’s the thing.  We’ve done some re-arranging, adjusting, deletions and additions.  Along with updating the Clan Pages, The Library, and Main Tables!

Some of this rearranging is due to changes that is going on within the stories, set up for future stories, protecting Sylum from actors/actress that ended up on the ‘oh hell no list’, and storylines that have been abandoned.

Just to give you a small indication of how big this update really was …

Deleted Characters: 24

Added Characters: 50

Moved Characters: 10

Let’s just say the only Clan that didn’t get touched in some way: Sila Kin Clan.

On top of the character updates we’ve also updated the main tables to show case the 10 Races … you might remember the post about it.  Tags have been added to characters that are related to these specific categories.

We have changed a few things around.  The Home Page is now a static page that introduces Sylum, and has a table with links to the Clans, Clan Positions, Organizations, Ten Races, and Enemies.

The bios will not be seen under the ‘Sticky Post’.

Link to Sylum Wiki Blog

Please Note: As we’re on a shared server and we’ve officially started Advent … remember that lag time could happen, so be patient!


Dylan Johns: Moved from Medjai to Border

Gustave de Champs: Moved from Oceania to Border

Chin Ho Kelly: Moved from Oceania to Border

Steven McGarret: Moved from Oceania to Border

Daniel Williams: Moved from Oceania to Border

Jack McPhee: Moved from Sanctuary to Border

Pacey Witter: Moved from Sanctuary to Border

Doug Witter: Moved from Sanctuary to Border

Edward Smith: Moved from Deceased to Enemies

Clavo Cruz: Moved from Pending to Enemies


Please Note: Some bios haven’t been fully updated to fit their new location.  We will make an announcement when they’ve been adjusted.

Sylum Clan:

Alexander Harris

Jack Malone

Danny Taylor

Martin Fitzgerald

Border Clan:

James Street

Sean Boswell

Tallikut Clan:

Samuel Braddock

Michelangelo Scarlatti

Gregory Parker

Edward Lane

Lincoln Burrows

Michael Scofield


Samuel Hanna

Martin Brandel


Christian Sanders

Jennifer Ramsy

Marco Valentin

Richard Nelson

Robert Ramsey

Vampire Council:




Buffy Summers


Ramon Cruz

Victor Fitzgerald


Please Note: Any bios in association with these characters have been updated to showcase the new information.  As for why they’ve been deleted … it’s a mix between additions to the ‘Oh Hell No’ List, adjusted storylines, abandoned stories, and they never really fit.


Callum Lynch

Quintus Dias



Bessie Coleman

Naomi Bennett

Addison Montgomery

William Parker


Anthony Marconi

Carl Elias


Diana Prince

Steve Trevor


Larry Daly


Mason Weaver

James Conrad

Houston Brooks

San Lin

Roland Deschain


Brandon Sullivan

Sanguen Vitae:



Chris Beck


Aguilar de Nerha

Elizabeth of Aragon

Peter 1 of Portugal

Louis the Camoes


Lionel Fusco


Harry Hole

Enki Sumer



Louise Massart


Sameen Shaw



Ching Shih


Charles Deacon

Erik Lehnsherr

Donald Mallard

Cecil Fredericks

Megan Tillman

Ron Butterfield


Carl Lucas

Jessica Jones

Claire Temple

Zoe Morgan

Bass Reeves

Jocelyn Carter

Ray Kowalski

Vampire Council:

Alex Summers

Sean Cassidy





Please Note: I didn’t add the links to each bio.  Since the Sylum Wiki is now open, and you can search through the Clan pages to see each of these new characters.  I encourage you to go Wiki Diving 🙂

Wiki Update: New Look & New Characters

The Sylum Wiki Blog has a new look!! 

We’re always trying to find better ways to view, sort and find things you need to enjoy the Sylum Universe.  The Wiki basically got a simple facelift, making it slightly easier to view, the set up is still the same.

NOTE: At this moment Wiki Index Page is broken, the program that runs the index hasn’t been updated to the latest wordpress.  When it’s up and running again we’ll make another announcement.  In the many time – use the SEARCH field to search for characters … we’re building an extensive index list in the background that will make things easier to find.

We’ve recently removed characters: A few were do to adjustments in their storyline, and others do to the actor playing the role ended up on the ‘oh hell no list’, pulling other characters associated to their bios with them.  We’ve also changed the image of at least one character for the same reason.

Reminder: The ‘oh hell no list’ is actors/actress that stood against the basic principles we showcase, and would probably took offense to all things Sylum, and we work hard to keep Sylum a safe place, plus lets not anger the ‘powers to be’.

We’ve also added five new characters over the past few months, though these don’t directly replace the ones removed they do added more diversity to Sylum.

Characters Removed:

Tallikut Clan: 

Timothy Taylor
Jill Taylor
Brian Kenny
Justin Taylor

Image Changed:

Dirk Pitt

Bios Removed Pending Changes:

Catherine Willows
Clavo Cruz
Ramon Cruz
Sean Boswell
Ellis Cochrane

Characters Added: 

Tallikut Clan:

Barry Frost

Victor Henricksen – Tuckercat your timestamp just became the 4th story in the Carry On My Wayward Son Series … so it may take longer to get written than anticipated.  At the moment Pirates are in the way 🙂

Mod Kin Clan:

Angela Bennett

Sanguen Vitae Clan (India):

Jayadeep Mir

Medjai Clan:





Sylum Wiki Updates

Quick Update on the Wiki!

There has been over 130 Bios Updated!!

New Images!  Additional Information!!

We’ve added a ‘Like’ Button to the posts!

So now while you browse the wiki you can ‘like’ ‘heart’ or ‘wow’ each of the posts!

Plus we’ve adjusted how the ‘Assassin Symbols’ are showcased so you can get a better look at them.

Remember it’s always good to just randomly roam through the wiki, as bios are always being updated with new images and information.

Special thank you to Taibhrigh for all the hard work on the new images!

Sylum Wiki: Update

Wiki Wiki Update


There’s been a few changes on the Sylum Wiki Wiki!  Bios have been adjusted, removed, and added.

Note: Some of these updates reflect story change that’s already been shown and some that are in the works.  We do realize that some of these bios counter storyline in the arcs, but as they are in the middle of being edited – think of it as a sneak peek.  Please check out the changes, as some of them are important.


Sylum: Jackson Healy (Hunter), Holland March

Tallikut: Margaret Brown (also known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown), Jack Reacher (Hunter)

Camelot: Lord John Marbury, Ivan Simanov, Richard Hanney

The Vampire Counil: Dr. Dalton Millgate, Ben Linus


Sylum: John Rhys, Harold Finch

Serenity: Matthew Farrell, John McClane

Sanguen: Alexander, Marc Antony

The Vampire Council: Hector, Odysseus, Boudicca, Cleopatra

Medjai: Achilles, Paris

Oceania: Johnathon Sheppard, James Ford

Knight: James Phelps

Enemies: Livia


Oceania: Sayid Jarrah

Medjai: Caspian Fortes, Godfrey Chevalier, Peter Pevensie, Alexander Huntly

Camelot: Patrick Gates

Enemies: Marisol Delko


The Library has also been updated, stories have been removed that are non-canon, links have been updated, along with links to the 10th Anniversary Clan War and Evolution.


Sylum Wiki Blog: Update



Quick Update!

We’ve added Jake Stone, Martin and The Duke – from the Moulin Rouge! story.   As these are unique in circumstance as they are further out in the Sylum Timeline – it will be one of the few sets of bios that will be past 2015.

We’ve also add 4 new characters into Camelot, Vampire Council, and Enemies.

Enjoy!! Please feel free to comment or ask questions on the bios.

Note: The Wiki Blog is still in edit and maintenance mode so please bare with us as we edit the now 1012 bios!

Update: Old Sylum Wiki


The Old Sylum Wiki has died.  It’s deader than dead at this moment.

*salutes a fallen brother*

The only reason we’ve kept it up these past months, is a place holder until the new one was finished.  This weekend we’ll be taking the old one offline and lay it to rest properly.  It did a good job when we needed it, and it deserves a good rest.

The new Sylum Wiki Blog will be released to the masses during the first part of Advent.

Lets take a moment of silence to mourn the passing of the Old Wiki.

*lifts glass*

It served us well, may it rest in cyber peace.


Sylum Inspriation: Sylum Wiki Blog



Sylum Wiki Blog

Is officials up to date.  Well up to date as it can be.  There’s always going to be edits, additions, and moving things around.

But it’s done.   It will be revealed during Advent!  So must be patient for a while more!  But believe me it will be worth it.

Totally Bios: 1002 (Because someone had to add a new guy just after I declared it’s officials done … pointedly looks at that someone)

Total Clans: 19

Total Enemies: 81 (Alive and Dusted)

Total Mutants: 10

Total Aliens: 4

Total Meridii: 31

*collapses in a heap*

Iz so done.

Wanders off to add the 1002 bio ….

Sylum Characters: Last Chance


As we’re dwindling down to the last bios for the new improved wiki … lets not even discuss the amount of work this has been or the time it has consumed!!

I put out the call a few weeks ago and here is your last chance.

We’re taking suggestions for characters … before you hit the keyboard – we’re already looking at Nick Grimm as many many many many did I mention many of you asked/commented about him.

Please Read: Sylum Characters – before suggesting anyone just to make sure you’re not asking for characters that well not be considered.

One last thing:  Do not just give us a name from a show.  That doesn’t help.  If your serious about a character – give us information along with the name. The more information the better chances.

If do not want to reply to this post – you can send your idea to  – please label email: Sylum Character.

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