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Updates: A little bit of this … a little bit of that

Updates: A little bit of this … a little bit of that

Just a few updates/reminders!

Sylum Security:  Yahoo shut down Yahoo Groups last month.  If you have not moved to the new group – do so now.  Just because you have the password now, doesn’t mean the password will not change.  You will have to make a account though you can use Facebook or Google to sign in.

Sylum Security

Sylum Blog: We’re working on a new theme for the main blog.  This will take some time, but if you there are moments you can’t access the site, it’s likely us fiddling with things or wordpress is being a pain.

Discord: Wait we have a Discord?  Yes we do – it was set up a while back for a chat program for the group.  Last I looked no one really hasn’t posted on it.  Is people still interested?  I’ve set up a poll – please take the time to answer.  I really need feedback on this, and not just a shrug.


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