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Sylum Update: Wiki & Chat

Sylum Update: Wiki & Chat

A few quick updates!

Wiki Formatting: A while back (okay so it was a month ago, but feels longer) I brought up about the formatting for the post for the Wiki, whether to stick with the old style or implement the new one.  The votes favored the new format, and with much discussion, decided to go with the New Format.

This actually wasn’t an easy decision (as this is a lot of work) but the main factor was – we couldn’t trust the plugin to keep working, and if it failed we would be right back where we started.   Thank you for all the votes, it helped with the decision process.

So we’re back to putting in the new format.  As we do Sylum Inspiration’s you’ll see the changes, and we’re slowly working through the Clans – starting with the ones that have updated images.  As the tabs are working, we’ll update bios to the new formatting when we get updated images.

Global Movie Day: Still want to guess how many movies there are in Sylum – you have a chance.  Go Here and put in your best guess.

Discord:  Would you believe we’re actually tied on this … so if you haven’t voted Go Here, read the post and let us know what you think.

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