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Update: Ernesto Olivetti Week Starts – May 29th

Update: Ernesto Olivetti Week Starts – May 29th

Ernest Olivetti Week


We are officially announcing Ernesto Olivetti Appreciation Week.

It will begin on May 29th.

There will be a new fanmix, specialized jewelry from the Vault, an Interview with the Inspector, and a re-introduction of Roads Untraveled.

To all our Ernesto lovers, want to contribution to Olivetti Week.  Make some fanart? Make you’re own Fanmix? Show your love for Ernesto … reply to this Post or email at and we’ll chat.

We’ve arranged for a special interview with the Inspector so we’re taking your questions.  Fill in the questionnaire and we’ll make sure to ask him!


  1. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for the hard work you all put into this wonderful fandom. I love it and spend time reading the stories. I think I have read all then find out nope! Not close. I love that feeling of a new story to read!

    I support you guys in all that you do.
    Thanks so very much!

  2. Sinead Leahy

    I can’t draw and I’m crap at writing, but I read lots. I will always cheer on those who do!
    Can’t wait for my favourite Italian’s week, (Nico is Roman).
    Just spent the last 10 days rereading Advent 2016 – (the joys of being on bed rest fill blood work is normal!) And would like to say thank you to the authors for keeping me sane and kept my husband from GBH!

      1. Nico can build a bridge and get over it! I like my tall, dark and Italian/ European!
        The question really needed to be asked! .
        (Or the system I’m currently on is terrible! Let’s go with bad system and wifi connection).

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