Upcoming Clan Gathering!


Sylum Clan Gathering

July 23rd – 28th

San Diego, Ca


Just to let everyone know that the Blog will be quiet for the next few weeks do to the Sylum Clan Gathering!

We’ll work to post at least Throwback Thursday and Coffee House Friday.

But don’t be surprised if we suddenly disappear!



Actually you should be worried.


This is when all the Bobs come together and plot!


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4 Responses to Upcoming Clan Gathering!

  1. Gregory House says:

    I am new here, so pardon my question…. what is the clan gathering?

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Each year there’s a Clan Gathering – basically a get together for fans of Sylum.

      It’s usually in a city that has ties to Sylum in some way. Last about five days… there’s discussions, tours, and just a good time. We’ve been to New Orleans, Washtington DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles…

      This year it’s in San Diego, CA.

      We’re not sure for next year but we always make announcements through the year.

      For more information – http://www.sylumclan.com/sylumblog/?cat=156 – scroll down to see Agenda and Info Posts.

  2. Gregory House says:

    Thanks 🙂 Sounds fun~

  3. Travis says:

    I am almost packed and and so ready to fly. I have the camera and am itching to get shooting

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