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Tooth Fairy Day

Tooth Fairy Day

Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

Couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating Tooth.

So anyone got some good Tooth Fairy stories?  Either from childhood or from your own children?

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  1. What a cute Tooth Fairy!
    When my 12 year old granddaughter Brooklyn was just about 4 how she was so upset that she lost her tooth while sleeping and couldn’t put it under her pillow. (I think she swollowed it!)
    I told her that we could leave a note with a drawing of her tooth and that should work. Because tooth fairies knew that this could happen! Calmed her down and was very excited the next morning to find the dollar! They got a dollar or more per tooth! Cost of inflation I guess! LOLOL

    When I was a kid our teeth were worth a quarter.

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