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Rum Day

Rum Day


Sylum Snippet by Bj Jones

Before he could even say it, Will grabbed the empty bottle and shoved another in it’s place.

Sparrow gave him a sideways glance, staring at his Mate suspiciously.  “Ye usually don’t give in that easily.  Those Turner genes way to stubborn.”

“I like to keep you on your toes.”  Will grabbed the bottle just out of reach, ignoring the grabby hands.  He settled onto his Mate’s lap, then set the bottle back on the table.  “This is much better.”

“I concur.”  Jack smiled brightly, running a hand through Will’s hair.  “Ye didn’t come to bed last night.”

“I slept in the hammock in my office.”  He wrapped his arms around Sparrow’s neck, pulling him into a deep kiss.  “I apologize, but ended up on the phone with Geneva longer than expected.”


“I curse the man who invented parlay.”  Will was pleased to see Jack laughing lightly.  Ever since he took over the Second-in-Command position, he had been neglecting his Mate.  Jack had been very patient, but well Jack Sparrow … Captain Jack Sparrow is still a pirate and once bored, he finds other pirates, and that could be bad.

“How ye going to make it up to dear old Jack?”

Will gave him a wicked smirk, grabbed the bottle from the table, pulled the cork with his teeth spat it on the floor, took a swig, set the bottle back down and cupped Jack’s face kissing him deeply, sharing the rum with him.

Jack’s hands gripped his Mate’s hips pulling him closer, swallowing down the delicious rum.  He bit Will’s lower lip, then licked his own.  “How about we take this up to our rooms, for further parlay?”

Will chuckled wickedly.  “Happy Rum Day, Captain Jack Sparrow.”


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