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Sylum Vault: One Year Anniversary!!



It’s been 1 Year since we’ve opened Sylum Vault!  Part of me has a hard time believing it’s been a Year!

To celebrate out 1st Anniversary we’re having a Giveaway!  Anyone who buys something from Sylum Vault on November 2nd (with extended time for variety of timezones) will get a free gift with purchase!

We’ve also discounted a few items by 50%!  This is a one time only Sale and Giveaway.

It’s gone by November 3rd.


Personal Post From The General



Normally I don’t do personal posts.  I tend to keep a more muted presence online with some mentions here or there.

Today I’m taking an exception.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There’s pink everywhere! That includes my Etsy Shop: Sylum Vault.

I’m pretty sure most of you reading this know someone who’s battled Breast Cancer.  Or been touched by Cancer in some way.  I lost my stepmom 18 years ago to Cancer, to this day my dad still misses her.

One of my good friends through college fought Breast Cancer.  She survived – Thank God.  But her life was changed forever.

My co-worker’s mom recently went through treatment for Breast Cancer, and again – Thank God she survived.

An online friend who I’ve known for ten years just went through treatment for Breast Cancer, again with early detection it was treatable and now she’s cancer free.

Breast Cancer in the past decades has become more survivable due to the fight for awareness, and through this more money has gone to research and finding a cure.

So yes there is a lot of Pink out there, but it’s for a good reason.

And because of my own personal connections to friends who had fought and won, Sylum Vault has a Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.  There isn’t a lot I can do personally, but I can make jewelry and I can raise awareness.

So on that note:  During the Month of October 10% of all proceeds from Sylum Vault will be donated to  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

So if you’re looking for anything Pink or want to show your support or give a gift … or needing something fun for Halloween – take a moment and browse my Etsy Shop.



Sylum Vault: Halloween Collection


Sylum Vault: Halloween Collection

Looking for something new and different for the Halloween Season.

Browse through Sylum Vault’s Halloween Collection.

Each piece is one of a kind, and guaranteed not to be found anywhere else.


Pumpkin Seed Earrings

These are fun and perfect for any occasion this Halloween Season.

Blood Orange Seed Beads on Oversize Kidney Wires with Pumpkin Head


Spider Web Earrings

Long elegant electroplated black fishhook earrings, silver plated leaves w/ add spider web.

With an added touch of color with dyed Malaysian Jade!


Amethyst Skull Earrings

Halloween meets Sophistication.

Semi-Precious Amethyst Stone with Pewter Skull.

This is not your old school Halloween Earrings.

Gothic.  Halloween.  Bling.


Dragon Blood Bracelet

Red Seed Beads with Pewter Dragon Charm

Wear something different this Halloween!  Or wear it all year long!

Who doesn’t love Dragons!


Candy Corn Bracelet

Who doesn’t love Candy Corn?

Glass seed beads showcasing the seasons favorite candy!


Pumpkin & Witch Bracelet/Earring Set

Be a little different.  This mix-match set is fun & different.


Blood Heart Wings

An old classic with a unique Halloween Twist.

Pewter Wings shaped in  Heart, with Red Czech Glass as dripping blood.

Halloween Love


Vampire Bat Necklace

This is a Sylum Original.

Blood Red Czech Beads with Antique Pewter Bat

It’s Vampire Bat – Perfect for Sylum Halloween!


Swarovski Crystal Skull Necklace

Perfect to celebrate De de los Muertos!


Day of the Dead Earring & Necklace Set

Fun! Colorful! Perfect for Day of the Dead Celebration!

And for those who are looking for more Fall Accessories browse through our Fall Collection!

Some fun and unique pieces for the Autumn Season!


Coffee Boho Bracelets

For that Coffee Lover in all of us or gift for that friend who lives at Starbucks!

Inspired by Starbucks Autumn Blends:  Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, & Chestnut Praline

Now I want some coffee!


Wine Boho Bracelets

Coffee not your thing?  Prefer a nice glass of wine?

These Boho Bracelets are prefect!

Seed Beads representing Chardonnay & Merlot w/Wine Barrel Charms!


Multi-Color Autumn Necklace

A Sylum Original!

Seed Beads of Natural Colors strung together for a One of a Kind Multi-Strand Necklace!

Sylum Vault: Giveaway




We’ve sold 98 items! And to celebrate closing in on the 100 Milestone – we’re having a giveaway!

The customer who makes the 100th Sale will get a FREE Sylum Original!

It’s called Sylum Love:  A Heart made of Wings with a Triquetra Charm

Sylum Vault

Etsy: Sylum Vault

Shop Banner2


Can you believe it’s been almost a year since Sylum Vault opened?!  It’s been a wild and educational ride, that’s for sure.   It’s been a while since I’ve done a post specific to the Vault, so I figured it was time to showcase some of our collections.   Remember all proceeds from the Vault help with my personal expenses in keeping Sylum up and running – so any little bit helps.   If you can’t purchase jewelry right now then help get the word out to others.

A Summer is winding down, the Holiday Season is sneaking up on us.  Get a head start on your shopping needs!



Fall Collection: Key Earrings w/Swarovski Crystals

An updated version of our first set of Thomas’ Keys!



Summer Collection: Sun Chain Drop Earrings

At the moment these are 20% Off – Part of our Summer Sale!



Summer Collection: Rainbow Reading Book Earrings

Inspired by our love of Books & Reading



Spring Collection: Bunnies!

Inspired by our muses & Bob


Fandom Collection: Sam Axe Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by his colorful shirts he wore through the series!!



Fall Collection: Tree of Life 

Green, Beige, and Brown Hemp Cord braided with a Silver Plated Tree of Life.



Summer Collection: Riverstone w/Fish Charm

Beautiful Riverstone Bracelet accented with Glass and a adorable Pewter Fish Charm



Fandom Collection: X-Files

Earrings & Bracelet Combo In honor of the return of The X-Files (We still believe!)

This Earrings and Bracelet Set made of Job’s Tears and Malaysian Jade were inspired by the unique and out of this world X-Files Phenomena.


Fandom Collection: Sterling Silver Triquetra Necklace

The Triquetra is the symbol of Sylum Clan.  This unique pieces as three sets intertwined: Nico, Tony, & Speed



Inspiration Collection: St. Michael Necklace

St. Michael is the Patron Saint for Cops and Soldiers.

In Sylum Ernesto carries a St. Michael Medal.



Fandom Collection: Dragon Head

Inspired by Game of Thrones or Dragons of Interest – your pick!



Gothic Collection: Vampire Bat

It’s a series about Vampires …


Trinkets: Lucky Bunny

Carry this with you for all the luck you can get!!



Trinkets: Inspiration

Need Inspiration? Or know someone who does.


Halloween is just around the corner get a sneak peek at our upcoming Spooky Collection!!!



Sylum Vault: Leap Day Savings



An event that only happens every 4 Years.

Extra Day = Extra Savings!

Monday, February 29th, stop by the Sylum Vault for amazing bargains!!

ALL items will be on sale, including already discounted merchandise.

Clearing out old inventory to start bringing in new and exciting pieces.

Inspirational Jewelry.

A Zodiac inspired collection – each month a new piece to represent that month’s Zodiac Symbol and monthly birthstone.

Braided and stackable bracelets.

You do NOT want to miss this incredible event!


Coffee House Friday: Updates, Reminders, and Randomness!


Today’s Coffee Hose Friday is about that to do list.

My personal to do list is pretty long, the Sylum one may be longer!!

I’m taking the moment to take care of a few things here at this Coffee House Friday!!

As I’ve been meaning to post a few things these past few days, but between the fluffy cuddly bunny that was tossed at my head and RL – I hadn’t had much time to update the Blog!

So  today we’re having 3 posts in one!! Or is that 4?!


Spring Fling: 2016 – Open

This is still me doing a call out to everyone who follows Sylum.

We’ve just published the Sylum Wiki Blog that showcases bios for all 1015 characters within the Sylum Universe.  There are 1015 Characters that can be inspiration!  There are 19 Clans with variety of characters that have never been showcased before within the Sylum Universe.

If you can draw, create graphic arts, awesome with vids, or have that playlist that is ‘so this character’ – sign up for Spring Fling!!

Let’s showcase some of these newer unknown characters, give them the 15 minutes of fame they deserve.

There is only so much the main artists/writers of Sylum can take on.

For More Info, to ask questions, or Sign Up go to this Post and Reply.



Right now at the Sylum Vault – we’re having a Valentines Day Sale!! 14% off Everything!!


Truth, Freedom, Beauty and Most Important – Love!!

Get these great Moulin Rouge! Earrings and matching Moulin Rouge! Bracelet – Get them while on Sale as a set for $20!  Perfect for that love of your life or screw Valentines and get them for yourself!!


Lennox’s Knitting Needles!

 These hair cherry wood hair sticks, were inspired by Lennox’s deadly weapons.

The Hematite and pewter Army charm represents Lennox rank and military affiliation.

(Quick Note – if you are interested in these hair sticks but prefer a different military branch – contact us and we can talk about getting a custom order)



Jewelry not your thing?

Stop by the Sylum Gift Shop for some fun items all things Sylum.

Quick Note of Thank You to Taibhrigh for all her work on the Art for the Gift Shop!!

Right now Cafe Press is also running a sale of 20% off your order!!


Sylum Notebook


Sylum Coffee Mug


Ghost/Darkness Stickers



As always we Thank You for your continued support for Sylum.

So now that I finished my to do list … well at least the to do list for the Blog… what is on everyone’s to do list for the weekend?

Sylum Vault: Star Wars Jewelry (10% OFF)

Star Wars Banner

In honor of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Sylum Vault is having a 10% Off Sale on all Star Wars Inspired Jewelry.

I’m sure some you are recouping from seeing it last night, others are not paying any attention to their computer today in fear of spoilers and/or waiting in line!!

As you know anything with Sylum always has a twist even Star Wars.  Some of the pieces are inspired directly to the latest Advent Story the Braid, while other pieces were inspired by our favorite Star Wars characters and a few that will make an appearance into Sylum in the future.

Leia Organa Necklace

Leia Organa Necklace: This elegant, sophisticated necklace represents the embodiment of Leia Organa, Princess, Rebel Leader and General.

Desert Dweller Necklace

The Desert Dweller Necklace: is what Obi-Wan Kenobi became after the destruction of the Jedi. Exiled to Tatooine to watch over Luke Skywalker the New Hope of the Republic. The Fossil Chips represent the harsh climate of Tatooine and the silver and black rounds represent his strength in the force.

BB 8 Bracelet

BB 8 Earrings

BB 8 Bracelet & Earrings: Inspired by the adorable BB 8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Also check out the matching Earrings!!

Yoda Earrings2

Yoda Earrings: Do or Do Not!! These Swarovski Crystals Earrings were inspired by the great Jedi Master Yoda. Elegant and strong while being cute and adorable. Perfect for Yoda fans of all ages. In honor of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Let the Force shine through your earrings.

Sylum Vault: Black Friday Event is Here!!!

BannerSaleDiscounted prices on many unique jewelry pieces!!

Buy $15 and get an additional $5 Off! Coupon: BLACKFRIDAY2015

Shipping: We will place multiple items in one package to save on costs and ship to anywhere in the world.


Luck of the Irish: Inspired by Timothy Quinn’s Ireland.


Steampunk Bracelet and Earring Set: ‘Steampunk Bracelet and Earring Set’ made with metal cogs and gears! It comes with a matching set of Earrings. This was inspired by Artemus – who while running the Manor estate – tinkers in his lab/workshop. Artemus is the father of ‘Steampunk’ and his creations are all over the Manor.


Roma Earrings: Inspired by the birth place of Nicolaus Valerius Meridius.

LeatherCuffCross2Leather Cuff with Cross: This Leather Cuff with silver plated chain and turquoise style cross was inspired by the unique history of Border Clan. Perfect accent to any outfit. Leather cuff has two pewter studs along with three holes for easy of adjustment to fit different sizes.

Green Ornament

Green Ornament Earrings: Holiday Collection: Green Glass Ornament Earrings. Simple green ornament earrings that will work for any Holiday party or a perfect gift for that special someone.

And lets not forget the Star Wars Inspired Collection!!!


Obi-Wan Kenobi Earrings: Star Wars Collection: Inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. A simple yet elegant pair of earrings that showcases his connection to the Force and the strength of his Spirit. The amber beads reflect the light of his copper hair. The silver diamond cut bead reflects his purity within the Force. In all its a beautiful set of earrings that can be worn for Negotiations or battle with Sith Lords.


This shop is designed to help us keep Sylum going for the next Ten Years!  Any support you can give us is very much appreciated.

If you can’t buy anything from the Vault – Please reblog or repost!  Tell your friends, family, fellow Sylum fans, strangers on the street … 🙂


Coming Soon: Sylum Advent – we have some great stories, art, videos and fanmixs lined up.  And the unveiling of the now infamous Sylum Wiki Blog!!


Sylum Vault: Black Friday Event!


Our first big Event!

Sylum Vault is proud to announce are first Black Friday Event.  Instead of going out unto the hordes of shoppers, stop by the Vault to snag some unique Sylum Inspired Jewelry.

We’ll be discounting a few of our early items, plus presenting a coupon to get $5 off any purchase of $15 or more!

This will be our big Sales Event of the Year.  Don’t wait, this won’t last long and you won’t see a Sale like this until Black Friday 2016!


Looking for that Holiday Bling for those upcoming parties and events.  We have Holiday Earrings and Necklaces that will enhance any outfit casual or elegant.

Waiting desperately for the new Star Wars movie – get our Star Wars Inspired Earrings to wear on opening day!

We’re clearing out some inventory as we prep for new items coming in.

Coming Soon:

Ernesto Olivetti

William Lennox


And a new line of Men’s Jewelry

Sale Starts: Thursday, November 26th

Purchase multiple items – we’ll ship all in one box to save in shipping costs.

First 5 Customers who buy during the event will also receive a Welcome Coupon for 10% off their next purchase.

Sale ends Monday, November 30th!

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2015

Sylum Vault: Themed Jewelry

All of the Sylum Vault jewelry is themed to go with characters, storylines and locations within the Sylum Universe!


Steampunk Bicycle Bracelet and Earring Setmade with metal cogs and gears! It comes with a matching set of Earrings.  This was inspired by Artemus – who while running the Manor estate – tinkers in his lab/workshop.  Artemus is the father of ‘Steampunk’ and his creations are all over the Manor.


Stormy Sky made of Sodalite Stone and Glass.  These earrings represent the stormy sky before a hurricane.  As Sylum Manor is based outside New Orleans, and they have seen many Hurricanes through the years.


Serenity Pineapple is pewter metal set in an antique style hoop earring.  Some are going okay I don’t get it – how is the Pineapple related to Serenity Clan.  Malcolm family is from South Carolina and the Pineapple is a very important part of their history.  He’s transferred this to Alaska and Serenity.  Now the advantage of re-working the Sylum Wiki was coming up with some of these quirks for each Clan.  More of Mal’s Pineapple will be showcased in upcoming stories – so make sure to grab the Serenity Pineapple earrings as their are a one of a kind!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the items coming soon.

We’re always working to bring new things to the Sylum Vault.  Each week we’ll be posting new items for sale and as time goes on, they will get more diverse in style and content. 


It’s that time of year and we’re adding a Holiday Collection!  Including inspiration from Jack Frost!


And in honor of the new Star Wars film, and the extreme negotiating skills of a certain stubborn Jedi … a collection inspired by Star Wars.  Fun Sylum Fact: each character that an item was inspired from will make an appearance in Sylum – at some point.

Stop by the Vault! Check out what we have.  Make sure to follow our Twitter (@Sylum_Clan) to get instant updates when we post new items to the store.

Reminder:  If you buy anything from us in November you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off your next purchase!

Personal Note: Your continued support for Sylum has always been an inspiration.  Buying from us, helps keep Sylum going.  This is no longer just a ‘hobby’ but a major part of our lives.  As the holidays approach and you’re looking for those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers … we have something for everyone’s budget.

Sylum Vault: New Items

Keys to the Villa

New Items!

There are new items for sale in the Sylum Vault!  Stop by and and take a look at the new pretties!

Founding Fathers Collection: Earrings themed for Nico, Warrick, Tony, Speed, Thomas and Brass.  Note: Tony’s earrings have already sold out!  So hurry and stop by and get these unique items before they sell out!!

Also checkout Artemus Workshop – its a collection of Steampunk themed jewelry.

Coming Soon: Partners in Time – Back to the Future tribute piece

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Black Friday Sales.

Sylum Vault


Sylum Vault: Open for Business

Keys to the Manor

Sylum Vault

This is a Major Announcement!!!!!!!

I used extra Exclamation Points PEOPLE!!!!! (twice now)

Sylum is proud to now have an Etsy Shop, in which you will find handmade Jewelry inspired by Sylum characters, places and storylines.

Above image ‘Keys to the Manor‘ is one of the items listed for sale.

All funds raised go to continuing our work in keeping Sylum going for the next ten years!!!!!

New items will be listed weekly!

Coming Soon: Founding Fathers Collection

Please stop by and support your Clan.

We appreciate your business!!  Remember Sylum is not just fan fiction anymore, but it’s own Fandom.


The General

PS: New items will be posted via Twitter (@Sylum_Clan) and we also added a Shop Widget on the left hand side of the Blog.

Link: Sylum Vault


Coming Soon: Sylum Vault


The Sylum Vault

We’ve been working on a project to bring Sylum home for everyone.  Soon we’ll be opening the Sylum Vault that will showcase jewelry and hand crafted items that will be themed for the Sylum Universe to fit all budgets.

First set of items to be sold will be themed towards the building of Sylum Manor.  What they would’ve seen when they first arrived in New Orleans and saw the property that the Manor would be built on.

Upcoming Collections:

– Founding Fathers of Sylum: Jewelry themed to Nico, Tony, Speed, Warrick, Thomas and Brass

– Rosary Collection: St. Patrick of Conclave, Swiss Guard and Vatican Police

– Clan Collection: Jewelry themed to each individual Clans and the Clan Leaders

We’ll make the announcement when the shop is up and running!

Just in time for Christmas Shopping!

Sylum Antique

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