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Coffee House Friday: Updates, Reminders, and Randomness!

Coffee House Friday: Updates, Reminders, and Randomness!


Today’s Coffee Hose Friday is about that to do list.

My personal to do list is pretty long, the Sylum one may be longer!!

I’m taking the moment to take care of a few things here at this Coffee House Friday!!

As I’ve been meaning to post a few things these past few days, but between the fluffy cuddly bunny that was tossed at my head and RL – I hadn’t had much time to update the Blog!

So  today we’re having 3 posts in one!! Or is that 4?!


Spring Fling: 2016 – Open

This is still me doing a call out to everyone who follows Sylum.

We’ve just published the Sylum Wiki Blog that showcases bios for all 1015 characters within the Sylum Universe.  There are 1015 Characters that can be inspiration!  There are 19 Clans with variety of characters that have never been showcased before within the Sylum Universe.

If you can draw, create graphic arts, awesome with vids, or have that playlist that is ‘so this character’ – sign up for Spring Fling!!

Let’s showcase some of these newer unknown characters, give them the 15 minutes of fame they deserve.

There is only so much the main artists/writers of Sylum can take on.

For More Info, to ask questions, or Sign Up go to this Post and Reply.



Right now at the Sylum Vault – we’re having a Valentines Day Sale!! 14% off Everything!!


Truth, Freedom, Beauty and Most Important – Love!!

Get these great Moulin Rouge! Earrings and matching Moulin Rouge! Bracelet – Get them while on Sale as a set for $20!  Perfect for that love of your life or screw Valentines and get them for yourself!!


Lennox’s Knitting Needles!

 These hair cherry wood hair sticks, were inspired by Lennox’s deadly weapons.

The Hematite and pewter Army charm represents Lennox rank and military affiliation.

(Quick Note – if you are interested in these hair sticks but prefer a different military branch – contact us and we can talk about getting a custom order)



Jewelry not your thing?

Stop by the Sylum Gift Shop for some fun items all things Sylum.

Quick Note of Thank You to Taibhrigh for all her work on the Art for the Gift Shop!!

Right now Cafe Press is also running a sale of 20% off your order!!


Sylum Notebook


Sylum Coffee Mug


Ghost/Darkness Stickers



As always we Thank You for your continued support for Sylum.

So now that I finished my to do list … well at least the to do list for the Blog… what is on everyone’s to do list for the weekend?

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