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Sylum Vault: Christmas Shopping

Still have a few days left to pick up fun and unique Christmas Gifts!  Make sure to stop by and check out our jewelry, greeting cards, and artwork.

Plus we have an Instagram now!  So if you have an Instagram please follow us!!

Reminder, Sylum Vault helps supplement my income to keep elements of Sylum up and running.  All orders are greatly appreciated!

Sylum Vault: Announcement (Art, Sale, and Free Shipping)

New announcement for Sylum Vault!

First:  We’re having a Labor Day Sale!  Get 25% Off selected items!  Check it out, we have a great selection of jewelry, cards, and artwork.

Second: Speaking of art!  There’s a new section at Sylum Vault: Art by Nico … digital and original!!

Third: We’ve added Free Shipping to the shop for eligible purchases this is for Domestic and International customers!! Note: It’s First Class Shipping if you want priority or express it will be extra.

Sylum Vault: Back to School

Kids in school?  Heading off to College?

You’re in school?  Going back to school?

Teacher? Student?

Or just like to read and really could stock up on Bookmarks!

Either way – we have something for you!

Stop by Sylum Vault’s Back to School Sale.  There are bookmarks, earrings, necklaces, art, and much more at 20% Off for the next week.

While there – check out my new Art Section!

Sylum Vault is my side project to help keep Sylum running, so all help is appreciated!

Sylum Vault

Random Post: Sea Turtle Day

World Sea Turtle Day

World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on 16 June. But with 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped in our oceans every year, these amazing creatures are under threat. In fact, six out of seven species of marine turtle are threatened with extinction.

Here, we share 10 facts that show just how amazing these creatures are, and highlight why we must fight back against the plastic pollution choking our oceans.

For More Information: World Sea Turtle Day

Stop by Sylum Vault today and get 25% off our Sea themed Jewelry.

Sylum Vault: News Update

We have some exciting news!


Sylum Vault art and jewelry is taking part of the Los Angeles Arboretum’s – ‘Art Among Us’ Art Exhibit through the month of June.  We’ll have one jewelry piece (The Desert Dweller) and two original pieces of Art on display.  If you live in the LA area, stop by and check out the exhibit!

And while we’re announcing good news!

One of our Jewelry Pieces (Infinity Stone Necklace) has been entered into Etsy’s Design Awards #TheEtsies.  Through this we did a lot of updating, moving things around, and cleaning up the Etsy Shop.

This is a great opportunity to stop by, check things out – get something for dad, or treat yourself for the summer!

Sylum Vault Design Studio


Note: The two pieces of Jewelry that are being showcased are not available to buy at this moment.  But you can look around at everything else that might catch your attention 🙂

Art Among Us

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Sylum Vault: Alien Day

It’s Alien Day!

Back by Popular Demand – The Alien Necklace!!

Celebrate the Anniversary of when the Alien was introduced to the world! Would you believe it’s been 40 years!!

Stop by Sylum Vault and get your own Alien (they make great pets … no really they do)

Whether you have friend or family who is a fan or a fan yourself – this necklace is perfect!

The Alien Necklace

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