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Sylum Essay Series: Recycling

One of things you’re going to start seeing in the Sylum Universe is how the Vampires interact with their environment.

Since the Manor doesn’t actually exist, their impact doesn’t show in where they’re located.  If you look at images of Oak Alley Plantation the house is quite small compared to what Sylum Manor is described … actually Oak Alley would be the front room, beginning of the grand staircase, and maybe Nico’s Manor Office … that’s it.  The Manor itself is 8 to 10 times the size, and that’s not including the outlining buildings: Garage, Stables, Barn, Lab, Medical Facilities to name a few.

Because Sylum Manor is so much bigger, it impacts the surrounding areas, like Vacherie.  For us the town is a larger town, and sustainable by their own shops, smaller farmers in the areas, and employment at the Manor.

All the Clans are similar.  Where the Clan base is located the town nearby would be subsequent chosen ones and working mostly for the Clan.  There would be generations who would know the Vampires, and would have had jobs in and out of the main houses, work locations and just making sure no one asks to many questions.

The longer the Vampire lives the more likely they’ll see their impact on the world.  Some of it would be socially, politically, and even environmentally.   The Vampires would be the first to look for ways to reduce their footprint, especially if they are trying to cover said ‘footprint’.

They would also have the capital to invest into new ideas, and for some re-invest in old ideas.  Sylum Manor had indoor heating way before most people, since they used old Roman techniques.

The Manor itself kept a large portion of their wetlands to make sure they didn’t get flooding.  They would’ve planted their crops in old Medieval versions instead of the new ways, which led them to not being affected by the Dust Bowl.

They would recycle everything they could, have a compost heap in the back, have their own vegetable and herb gardens, and likely livestock up until the modern era (accept pigs because Tony despises the creatures … pigs aren’t allowed on the Manor property and pork is not cooked when he is in the area).

Artemus would like get solar panels onto the Manor the moment it was feasible.   He would also be looking into getting bio-domes to go over the Aviaries instead of the netting.  As electric cars become more prominent they would like switch some of the Manor Vehicles over.

Also put money into science, research, and how to find better ways to conserve.  Some of these Vampires would remember some of the best air quality to some of the worst.  Just talk to Jake and Evie about London in the late 19th Century.

So are challenge to you!

Not all of us can do solar panels or have a compost heap.

But we all can do our part for the Environment, even if it’s just looking to see if that package is recyclable.  Or separate out your garbage or maybe walk instead of drive.  We all can help, even by doing just one thing.

Oak Alley Plantation/Monmouth Plantation – Sylum Manor Inspiration


Everyone knows that Sylum Manor is based off Oak Alley Plantation.  To give you an idea of how big Sylum Manor really is – the above image is Oak Alley … this would be the front entrance of Sylum Manor.

But not many of you know that in the early days, Sylum Manor was also based on Monmouth Plantation.  Their grounds and gardens are the visual inspiration for many of the outside grounds for Sylum.



Sylum Manor: The Garages


Sylum Garage


There are four garages at the Sylum Manor.  Filled with vehicles that are used by the Manor, individual cars for various Clan Members, and historical ones that have been restored over the years.

The above picture is Nico with his GTO.

Below is Tony’s Stingray and Speed’s Shelby.



Sylum Inspiration: Sylum Manor



Sylum Manor

I figured since we just had the 10 year anniversary, it would be fitting to showcase Sylum Manor!

Actually Sylum Manor is based on two plantations:  Oak Alley Plantation and Monmouth Plantation.  The outside of Sylum Manor is based on Oak Alley, as location and the surrounding acres of lands.

Sections of the grounds of Sylum is also based upon Monmouth Plantation.   Design, interior, and their gardens.



Through my travels and studies through Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana – I’ve explored and studied both areas and plantations.  Giving a strong bases for Sylum Manor.

Sylum Manor actually doesn’t look like the two Plantations.  It’s larger, more extensive and well a home for a lot of Vampires.   To best put it in perspective of how big Sylum Manor is.   Oak Alley Plantation … itself, the whole building – is Sylum’s front lobby.



So the building you see here, is only a small portion of how big Sylum Manor actually is.  This is where you would walk into the main lobby, after coming up the oak drive way, pull around the circular drive way, parking in front of the entrance.  You would walk up three steps onto the veranda, porch that wraps around to the back of the house.  Go through a set of double doors, and step into the front lobby, that showcases the grand staircase.

What you see in this photo is that area.

This doesn’t include, the side wings that lead to the Manor Offices and Speed’s Library on the right hand-side.  Or the Dining Room, Ballroom, and kitchen on the left-hand side.  Let alone the 2nd floor that holds: Nico, Tony and Speed’s personal wings – some of them having a 3rd story added into their areas that accommodate: The Art Gallery, the Library, and Personal Suite.

And now for some extra visuals that have inspired Sylum Manor.  These come from both Monmouth and Oak Alley.

monmouth_plantation_hotel_natchez_mississippi-img2434576 MG_4346-copy-2 8012-4 natchez-hotels-monmouthplantation live-oaks-oak-alley-plantation-vacherie-louisiana

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