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Sylum Advent 2017: December 31st


Title: Past, Present, and Future
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: R
Summary: Jimmy knew from the moment he met Marty McFly he would protect him
Author’s Note: So this story sits between Clan War and Aftermath. It bridges a storyline that lands between them.
Sylum Timeline: 1985 … 1885
Arthist: Taibhrigh

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Sylum Advent 2015: December 28th




Title: The Past, Present, and Future

Author: Bj Jones

Note: This is a rework of the Doc/Marty story.  The timeline got screwed up (irony yes I know) and the old stories were pulled and a new one is being reworked.  The goal had been to have this posted for Advent but RL got in the way – so instead you get a sneak peak!

Sylum Timeline: Summer 1985

Note can find full story in Sylum Archive


“You want me to do what?” Jimmy asked as he stood in front of his Clan Leaders desk.

Everyone in the Clan always knew if you get called into Nico’s main office in his section of the Manor, it was serious. When they had added the wings built in the early 1900’s, the Clan Leader had his private office and study built, as a counter to Timothy’s Library and Tony’s Art Gallery. Artemus had taken over the Manor Office, which for decades the two had shared, and always grumbled about Nico borrowing it for Manor or New Orleans related meetings. Warrick was taking bets when more renovations would be done to separate the large office downstairs into two.

“Doc Brown is bringing his future Mate to the Manor. He wants to get him away from the family for a while.” Nick leaned back in his chair, studying the Hunter. “The kid knows nothing of Vampires. He thinks he’s just going to a ‘summer camp’.”

“So I have to babysit while Emmett does what?” He fiddled with his black hat, not quite sure to feel about this assignment. “What about Gerard?”

“He ranted, screamed, tried to threaten me, remembered I was his Clan Leader, then ranted some more.” Both Jimmy and him couldn’t help the smirk. “It’s not the weirdest thing I’ve asked of you.”

“No.” Hickok had to admit. “But I’m not good with kids.”

“He’s seventeen.”

One of Jimmy’s eyebrows went up, before he settled into one of the chairs and waved his hand to explain.

“Emmett’s been working on something, what I’m not sure.” Which really hadn’t sat well with Nico in the first place. Especially when he discovered the moron had sold most of his family lands and heritage to fund the secret project. “He met Marty McFly while he was teaching summer school, right before he entered high school.”

“I’m sure Doc took that well.”

“Ran out of the classroom flailing and screaming, leaving a trail of papers behind him.” Nick smirked. He had gotten the story from a few of the Chosen Ones in the area who had seen it. “Marty later hunted Doc down asked, if he had done something to upset him.   Emmett instantly melted and been taking care of the kid since.”

“And going batshit, well more than the normal?”

“He turns eighteen in October, but still in high school. He’ll be a senior this September.” The Clan Leader sighed, when he had finally got out of Emmett what the hell was going on, he was ready to strangle the scientist himself. “He was held back in elementary school, so he’s a year older than most of his class.”

“What does Doc want to accomplish while he’s here? He wants us to tell him?” The Hunter wasn’t sure what they were supposed to be doing.

“I think he wants to see if Marty could handle the concept of Vampires. More importantly I think he wants the kid to have fun. From what I understand, the Marty’s home life isn’t horrible but it’s also not nice.” Nick leaned back in his chair. “Just look out after him.”

Jimmy nodded as he stood, slipping on his standard black flattop hat. “When do they arrive?”

“In an hour.”

“Seriously!” Jimmy channeled his Sire, glaring at Nicolaus. He shook his head, before heading for the door.

“Thanks, Jimmy.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” The Hunter called out over his shoulder. “He may run tail the moment he meets any of us and head back to California.”

Nico chuckled. He really had no idea what Doc was thinking or what he really wanted. Emmett brown, had been practically dropped on their doorstep by his Sire, Leonardo. The two though could talk for hours, drove each other insane within days.

Emmett had stayed close to the Clan for a couple of decades, then decided to head back to Hill Valley, to settle back into his family home. He popped up for holidays, and made sure to write Nico a letter at least twice a year to keep him updated, but mostly Doc kept to himself.

When his letters became more frequent, and started talking about Marty McFly, Nick had sent Artemus and Jim out to check on him. It was how he discovered the family fortune had disappeared along with the Craftsman House. Artemus had ranted for days, then with a push from Nick, started checking to get at least the heirlooms. He also had a habit of dropping cash into Doc’s accounts.

But neither of them could find out what he was working on.

Nico knew something was wrong, when Thomas handed him the phone stating it was Doc. The scientist had rambled for a few moments, then dropped the bombshell about bring Marty out to New Orleans. That he told the kid, that it was a summer camp for city kids to see a working plantation. Nick’s head had hit the wall hard enough that it left a mark.

Doc then mentioned that they were at the airport and their flight left in a few hours. Nico hung up on him and started working out a plan. Lucky Jimmy and Noah had been in New Orleans dealing with a case, he kidnapped Jimmy to handle the kid, while he dealt with Doc.

He about cried with joy when Rossi walked into the Manor. He was about to call him, get him back to New Orleans to deal with Doc and his still illegal Mate. The doctor had been in his home in Virginia, where he escaped to when couldn’t deal with the crazy that was Sylum Clan.

After a quick briefing of what was going on Rossi, went to his rooms and office in the Underground to prep. Nico settled himself on the porch with Jimmy on his right, waiting for Doc to show up with Marty.

Van Helsing went to the airport to pick them up, no one trusted Doc to make it to the Manor. He would likely end up on a tangent, taking Marty all over Louisiana and Mississippi before getting lost in Alabama or Texas.

It wouldn’t have been the first time.

The Hunter’s eyes were drawn to the kid instantly.

He watched as Marty took in his surroundings, eyes wide in astonishment. Quickly taking notice of the patched jeans, t-shirt one size too big, and worn shoes. He had a feeling he was wearing mostly hand me downs and the older brother was likely bigger. The skateboard though explained the shoes.

“This is great Doc!” Marty’s voice was filled with awe. “It’s a real plantation.”

“It’s been modified over the years, hence its lack of Historical Registration and a few threatening letters from purists in the area.”

“Doc.” Marty’s pointed at the front of Sylum Manor, with its Greek columns, wrap around porch and rocking chairs. “It’s a plantation house. You’re only missing Colonel Sanders.”

“He’s out back with the chickens.” Jimmy commented before he even realized he opened his mouth.

Nick glanced sideways at him, but the grin indicated he wasn’t upset.

Marty laughed, making his way up the stairs. He held his hand out to Nick first a big smile on his face. “I’m Martin McFly, but everyone calls me Marty.”

“Welcome to Sylum Manor.” Nick took his hand, surprised at the firm handshake. “This is Thomas.” He motioned behind him as the English Butler stepped onto the porch. “He’ll show you to your room.”

“Let me take your bags, Master McFly.” Thomas reached down and grabbed the small suitcase, looking around to make sure there wasn’t anything else.

“Wow a real honest to God English Butler!” His eyes went wide, then promptly blushed. “I’m sorry.”

“No problems, Master McFly, I’m fairly used to it.” Thomas gave him a genuine smile. “Is this your only bag?”

“Is it too much?” Marty’s smile faded slightly. “Doc told me to pack what I had or needed.”

“No troubles, Mr. McFly.” Thomas gestured towards the open doors. “Head inside and up the stairs, you’ll be staying in the Roman Section. The Manor will provide you with everything that you need.”

“I don’t really need anything.” He walked into the parlor stopping to gape at the Grand Staircase. “It’s like out of Gone with the Wind.”

Nico bit back the chuckle at his Butler’s slight shiver.

“I’m afraid to touch anything. It’s all so old.”

Jimmy snorted, biting his lip from letting out the laughter.

Thomas sighed softly. “The Master’s children have done more damage than you could ever do.” And with that he led him up the stairs into Nick’s wing of the Manor.

The two watched as the kid almost trip on the stairs, to busy gaping at everything. When they disappeared past the first set of Roman Doors, Jimmy turned on Doc. “One suitcase.  He’s here for six weeks.”

Startled slightly at his Hunter’s outburst, Nico glanced over at the cowboy, but decided to stay out of the conversation.

For now.

“He showed up at my place with a backpack.” Doc gave a frustrated sigh, he’d been tempted to just buy him a new wardrobe. But knew Marty wouldn’t accept it, and didn’t want to bring undo attention to their friendship. “I sent him home to pack more stuff. He had to borrow a friend’s suitcase, and I’m sure raided his brother’s closet.”

“All rooms are furnished for guests.” Nick looked between the two, settling his focus on Emmett. “Thomas will make sure any and all of Marty’s needs are met.”

“First by feeding him,” Jimmy muttered. “He’s too thin for an eighteen year old boy. I thought you said his family wasn’t abusive.”

“They’re not.” Emmett walked up the stairs, heading for the house. “But they aren’t…” He paused trying to find the words. “Don’t get me wrong they love him, and he loves them. But his dad is a bit of a weed and mom hides in a bottle. The siblings have their own lives, and they are always tormented by their dad’s high school bully, Biff Tannen. How Marty is sane at all is a mystery.”

“I’m sure it has something to do with your influence.” Nick patted him on the shoulder. “You have one of the guestrooms in the Underground. Get unpacked, shower and change. Lunch will be served in an hour.”

Doc nodded absentmindedly as he headed for the hidden entrance on the left hand side of the staircase.   As the door closed behind him, Nicolaus looked at his Hunter. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That!” He pointed up the stairs to his wing. “You were ready to take Doc out.”

“I was not.” Jimmy ran a hand through his hair, then sighed. He could tell by Nico’s expression he wasn’t getting away with not saying anything. “The kid reminds me of me. I ran away at fifteen. Skinny, all arms and legs, scared out of my mind. I was on the street until Enright picked me up, when I finally got away from him and ended up with Teaspoon, my confidence was shattered. He has that same look.”

Nick’s expression softened, it wasn’t often the gunfighter talked about his life before the Pony Express. “What do you plan on doing?”

“Teaspoon gave me hope. Timothy gave me a second chance.” He looked up the stairs, ears straining only slightly to hear the kid stammering over the room and that it was way too much. “I want to give him both.”

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