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Boxing Day!

It’s that time of the year!

The Annual Speed vs Tony Boxing Day fight!

Put in your vote below.

Boxing Day Results

Sorry this is late!! I was distracted with bunnies

So the winner is – Nico.


They had been annoying him for the past few days, weeks, hell months and on bad days centuries.  Don’t get him wrong, Nico loved his kids, but there were days those two were the smartest dumb asses he knew.

The past year had been stressful, and it hadn’t helped when he disappeared for six months.

Though it really wasn’t his fault.

After all it was Shep who kidnapped him, stating that O’Neill had ordered him to – Nico pointed out that Shep didn’t work for O’Neill anymore, but that didn’t seem to phase him.

The theory was, what better than to have a Roman, deal with Rome.

They had a point.

By the time he got back, all he wanted was to relax and be with his family.  Instead he ended up with John announcing his presence and Ernesto discovering about Sofya and everything that came with that revelation.

From that point , he had wanted the year to end.

Then came the disastrous Christmas Eve Dinner.

It was the first year he had all his kids together for dinner.  And it went exactly how he had thought it would.  He was still pissed at Warrick for ditching him in the middle of it.

So by the time Boxing Day rolled around … yeah he had it with his kids.

The moment he heard the ‘Papist’ ‘Pagen’ start up at 7 am, he was out the back door and in the middle of the infamous fight.

He left them both moaning on the grass, a good reminder of why they didn’t mess with their Papa.  Without a backwards glance he made his way back into the house, collected his winnings, and dragged his Mate upstairs.


Happy Boxing Day!

It’s that time of year!

The one day of the year Tony and Speed fight it out!

So who wins?

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Happy Boxing Day!


Happy Boxing Day!

It’s that time of year again!  When Speed and Tony take the years frustration out on each other!

So who wins this year?

Boxing Day Winner!

Thank you for all the votes!!  Tallied up over 60 Votes!!!

And the Winner of 2014’s Boxing Day Fight.



Is …..


The training from the Assassin Kid is paying off.

*watches Warrick deal out the money on the bets*

*accepts feather from Speed and places it reverently in my box*

Tune in next Boxing Day to see who will win the fight!!!



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