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Boxing Day Results

Boxing Day Results

And the Winner is …

Both: They tagged team and took out other competitors

And lucky me this tied perfectly into another snippet: Eric/Riddick snippet below!

Eric blinked, looked around, blinked again, but he still wasn’t quite sure what had just happened.  This was the third time he had actually witnessed the infamous Boxing Day Fight.  He had won money on Speed twice, he didn’t talk about the third.

From the first moment he met Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle, he had a feeling he would be scrappy in a fight, little did he know.  Over the years he has learned a great deal about his former coworker, and through that they had become better friends.  So the times he just couldn’t handle the intensity that was his own Mate and the twins, he fled to New Orleans hung out with Horatio and Speed, and while there learned more about Clans, how to be a Vampire, and some unique fighting techniques.

He was never going to be a Hunter like his Mate.

Riddick was Riddick.

And there were many many reasons people were terrified of him and his twins.  Hell he was Mated with him, and at times the three terrified him.   He had grown more confident, less bravado, became more patient and less a hot headed Cuban.

He’s taken his skills as a CSI, and used them to help Riddick on his Hunts. Got him the info on the Rogue, and if need be help stage or clean up a crime scene.  He won’t mention the amount of times the team would end up at said scene the next day, and Mac would just glare at him over his sunglasses … he swears he learned it from Horatio.

So really he had every right to be shocked at just what happened.

“I don’t understand.”  Eric glanced over to Warrick who was taking bets, cackling like a the mad pirate he was.

“What’s to understand.”  Warrick held his hand out, taking the fifty from the gullible baby Vampire.  “You do realize Speed trained Riddick.”

“Yes.”  He gave him a glare.  “But Riddick is Riddick.  How did he lose?”

“You do realize Tony is a Templar Knight, and has fought in every war since practically the dawn of man.”  Warrick wasn’t impressed.

“Yes.” He waved his hand towards his Mate who was sporting a broken nose, and maybe two cracked ribs.  “Twins. The fucking twins.”

“You do realize that Speed and Tony have been playing this game of snobby Papist and dirty Pagen for years, and know how to take down an opponent in seconds.”  Warrick snagged the money off the twins, who looked a little to gleefully as they sized up the competition.

Eric stood, making his way to his Mate.  “You okay.”

“Fucking bastards, I can’t believe I fell for the little game. Again.”  Riddick glared at Warrick, who was still gleefully counting his money.  “They so rarely take on opponents that everyone forgets, one is deadly two is a nightmare.”  He let Eric baby him for a moment, took out some cash.  “A hundred on Nico’s brats.”

Warrick frowned but took the bet.  “One, Five or Ten?”

“Ten, my girls will give them hell.”  Riddick’s grin was evil, though it hurt like a bitch.  Tony has his fucking right hook.

“Deal.”  Warrick gives him a smile.  “You do realize Tony’s been training with his Assassin Kid.”




  1. Kathie Guazzo

    I love this! Nothing better than Tony and Speed working together to vanquish opponents of any sort. Love that the love and respect come through even the fighting. One reason I loved ‘Annihilation’ so much was seeing them handling all kinds of situations one right after the other. Warrick is so casual here filling in bits and pieces about the two of them. Like Tony and Speed with Mystique in Grand Central Station tunnels.

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