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Boxing Day Results

Boxing Day Results

The Results are in!

See the snippet below the cut for the winner

This was the first actually Boxing Day fight he actually got to fully witness.  Oh he heard about it, even made a few bets over the years, but never got to really see it.

The first time he was actually at the Manor during the holidays, for the infamous Christmas Eve dinner, since he was finally recognized as part of the family – it had been a pretty shit year.   The Machine sent him on a mission, the Winchesters ended up called into work, there were sibling fights, Mate fights, and when he showed up for Midnight Mass it was just Papa and Harold, with Thomas sitting in the pews.   Despite the fact he had got called for a job, he felt the cold stare from across the pew.   This was a big family tradition, one he was finally a part of and missed it.

The second time he was invited, he made sure The Machine knew not to contact him, add in the fact it was the Christmas after Giles got viscerated on the lawn – it was more somber yet at the same time healing.

The third time was two days ago.   They had decided to stay the holidays, actually be part of the whole traditional family event.   Warrick was away, finally dealing with the Adéwalé  side of things, training at Masyaf.  He hoped it was going well and that Ezio and Warrick weren’t doing to much damage. 

Even with the Pirate missing, it was an enjoyable Christmas Eve Dinner and Mass.

And now he sat next to Papa watching the traditional Boxing Match take place.

“When exactly did this start?” He asked Nico, who was enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the two kids go at it.  “I remember Hugh talking about it a while back, and Warrick’s been taking bets since you arrived in New Orleans.”

“After Speed was Turned the two fought like siblings.   Tony didn’t like the new kid, and Timothy was dealing with a lot of grief, so the two fought all the time.   It was mostly verbal, with a few fist fights.  Over time they settled into a relationship, but there were moments they just need to get it out.   We were visiting Camelot, and they were in an exceptional mood. Arthur had it with them, told them to fight it out on Boxing Day.  The rest was history.”

“So every Boxing Day?” 

Nico nodded.  “There’s been a few times circumstances have not allowed it, but despite the outcome or where in the world, Speed will always bring me a feather.   Even if it’s a few he’s collected over the years.  Even during the Second World War, he had a handful for me when we were reunited.  I have a box on my alter that has a collection, some have a specific meaning, others are unique as he couldn’t find a wren.  I have a Swan feather from a decade ago, and while we were pirating ended up with a few parrot feathers.”

“I’m surprised you’re okay with him killing the wren.”  Rhys glanced over at him, one eyebrow raised.

“I understand traditions.  We used to eat small sparrows in Rome.  Besides, he’s not touching the birds in my aviary.  He knows blood would be spilt and it wouldn’t be mine or the birds.”  Nico sipped his coffee.   “He never harmed the parrots in the Caribbean, they actually ended up doing more damage.”  He laughed lightly, remembering the few scratches and cursing in Gaelic when one feisty cockatoo bit him, when he tried to snitch a feather.

“How often do others get involved in the fight?”  He was learning a lot and enjoying every moment of it.   He was also noticing his siblings fighting styles, and both had skill.   Speed was quicker on his feet, fought low and dirty.  Tony was cunning, watching all sides and damn good at defense, always looking for an opening.  “I know last year they had a truce and went for drinks, after everything that happened it was understandable.  The year before that, we already left, but heard it was pretty viscous.”

“Now, it’s more to get their anger out from the year.  Them fighting each other, because they are pissed with each other is long gone.”  He set his cup down, smirking at Tony’s dodge and landing a good left, only to lose his feet out from under him.  “But there are moments they go for each others throats.   At the turn of the century, when we all went our own ways for a few years, that last Boxing Day, they both left bloody.   But to answer your question, yes, some have challenged.  The rule is you take both on.  You don’t get to challenge one or the other.   And let me say, they are both damn good fighters.   Anyone who counts them out because they look at Tony’s expensive suits, or Speed’s laid back attitude is going to get their ass handed to them, individually.  Together they are a formidable team.   Kenway took them on once, they both bowed out quickly realizing that was not going to end well.   I’ve gone at it a few times with them, and I do use my Assassin skills against them.  Haven’t done it in a while though.  Warrick has only gone rounds with them a few times.  Once when he was a Pirate, he learned quickly not to under estimate them.   Van Helsing at times has had enough of their antics, and reminded them why he’s my Lead Hunter.   So many people lost money when Riddick went down.   They refuse to fight his girls.”

“Well at least they aren’t stupid.” Even he would question taking on Riddick’s twins.  They played nasty, and were damn good at it.

“Why are you asking?”

Rhys gave him that specific smirk, that always met trouble.   He stood with a grace, Nick never felt or thought he could pull off, slid off his coat and tossed it over the railing, only to hear Harold yell about not disrespecting the material Mr. Rhys!  

“Well this should be interesting.”  Harold took his Mate’s seat, them smiled at Thomas who set an appropriate tea service down on the table.  “Thank you.  Tell Cook she makes exceptional tea, and that I appreciate her having my favorites on hand, even when I only visit on occasions.” 

Thomas gave him a smile.  “We strive to take care of family.”  He wasn’t going to tell him, they had no idea how the tea ended up on their order, but it did.  

Nick wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to play out, but he grabbed his phone opened up the App Warrick had created for bets to be taken just for Boxing Day.  He knew it tied into Caesar’s but wasn’t quite sure how, nor did he ask.  All he did was update the fight stating there was a new contender.   With in seconds, alerts of new bets, cancelled bets and messengers were popping up, to the point he had to turn the sound off and set the phone aside.

“No Sithing.”  Tony gave a pointed look at Rhys, who just shrugged.

“No wolfing.”  Rhys gave a pointed look at Speed, who just shrugged.

“Are we going to let this happen?”  Harold asked as he picked up his tea, cringing slightly as Tony got the first blow in, while Speed distracted their oldest sibling.   

“You going to stop it?”  Nico glanced around to see his coffee had disappeared instead there was tea.  He glared at Thomas from behind Harold’s back, then picked up his new cup.  “It’s good to see the kids playing.”

Harold gave him a side-eye.  “You do realize Rhys is deadly on a good day.  And that the US government paid a lot of money to make him worse.”

“Ah my tax payer’s money at work.”  He flinched when Speed landed on Tony, both laying there for a moment before giving each other a look and running full tilt back into the fray.  “Don’t underestimate the kids.  Tony has grown in his skills lately, and Speed has always been scrappy in a fight, but lately has been pushing himself more.”  

Both took a deep breath in when all three went down, they weren’t sure who was laughing, but the manic in it, they put good money it was John.  

“How much do you have riding on it?” Harold asked with some curiosity.

“Didn’t your kid tell you?”  Nico eyed the phone on the table.  “But in all honestly, I don’t.  I never bet on these days, even if they take someone on.  Don’t like them thinking I’m choosing one over the other.”

He patted Nico’s hand.  “You’re a good father, Mr.  Meridius.”

“Thanks Mr. Finch.”

“I put a few grand down on my Mate.  He’ll wipe your kids off the grass.”

Nico let out a laugh.  His sister was likely right.  Rhys had been doing this far longer than his kids.   But he knew Tony and Speed would give a good run at it, and would likely want lessons later.   It was likely the lessons they learned from Kenway was what still kept them in the game.  

“I would pay to see John and Kenway go at it.”  Nico imagined it would be a damn good fight.   Not many took John on, even at Masyaf.  Altair had been sneaky, and used the Apple only to be countered by John’s own gifts.  He remembered the McManus’ taking him on once, and he wasn’t sure out of the three of them which one was having the most fun.  John talked about training with Sifu, and even got stuck waiting for butterflies – it’s a neat trick that not many have figured out how Sifu does it.

“Rematch!”  Tony demanded laying on the ground, head on Speed’s stomach.  “Want a damn rematch, and you have to teach me that move.  Damn my hair hurts.”

Speed patted Tony’s head for a moment, but not really pushing him off quite yet.  “How the hell does someone that big move that fast.”

Rhys laughed and helped both of them up.  “You’re using your wolf senses.  That’s good.”  He patted Speed on the shoulder who winced.  “And I saw Ezio’s training in there.  You should adjust it slightly, you’re taller than him.”

Nico glanced at the app, he didn’t hide the eyeroll at the commentary the Machine was making, including sending video to Speed and Tony with notes and tips.  “Considering they’ve never fought him before, they did well.  By the way Mr. Finch your winnings have been sent to the Friends of the Library.”

Harold narrowed his eyes at his brother.  “Sneaky Mr. Pearce.”

“Aye, learned from the best.”  He answered with a soft brogue.  “So this time next year?”

“It has been quite enjoyable, Mr. Meridius.”

“Thank you, Mr. Finch.”



  1. najean1

    Wonderful Boxing Day! I loved the comments “No Sithing.” and “No Wolfing.” I was happy when John praised them for using their skills in the fight: Tim’s heightened senses and Tony’s skills he learned from Ezio.
    And of course the machine got into it…
    I can hardly wait for next year’s match!
    —Naj 😀 😀 ❤❤

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