Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Infamous Lines that will be seen in the future of Sylum

What you about to see is the lines that will appear in future fics….

Top Ten Infamous Lines – That will be seen in future fic – some sooner than others

10. “I’m not pretty I’m ruggedly handsome.”

9. “That’s the moment when dad went batshit insane.”

8. “Then somewhere in the Archive there is probably a huge crate of marble penises.”

7. “Bless you for I’m about to kill you.”

6. “As long as I live I never want to see another fucking Volvo. Ever.”

5. “You. Priest. Confession. Tomorrow.”

4. “I see you brought the long haired ruffian.”

3. “I was a bratty twelve year old who just lost his mother. What more can I say?”

2. “Could you put a towel down for your sweaty butt cheeks. You know condoms are your friend. Swallow!! Swallow!!!”

And the Number One – infamous line to come in a future Sylum story.

1. “As your King I command you to stay by my side. You swore it.”

Who do you think said what? And if by some chance you actually do know – keep it to yourself – no spoilers please!

Though two of them as already appeared! *grins* Do you know which one?

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5 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Infamous Lines that will be seen in the future of Sylum

  1. Jensen says:

    If we know which one was said, can we point that one out?

    No, wait…never mind…I’m just going over there to the shiny tech toys that bunny is waving at me…why is the bunny waving tech toys at me? Shiny…they’re kind of hypnotic, you know? Oooh, Stark Tech…

  2. Alinora says:

    5’s been said and 2 certainly sounds like something Rodney would say, though there’s a number of people who it wouldn’t be strange hearing it from. 😉

  3. Mal Reynolds says:

    I’ve used #10 in one of my own fics. It’s a good one!

  4. Maine says:

    #8 is in Demon and Angels! Vincenzi!
    #5… Ernesto!

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