Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Famous Landmarks Associated with Sylum

As historical moments are intertwined with Sylum so are famous Landmarks.

Here are but a few that have entered the Sylum World – some of these are important in future fics, some have already been showcased.

Top Ten Famous Landmarks:

10. Oak Tree at Shiloh Battlefield, Tennessee

9. St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

8. Petra, Jordan

7. Tintagel, Cornwall England

6. Tower Bridge, London England

5. Colosseum, Rome Italy

4. Hamunapatra, Egypt

3. Stonehendge, Wiltshire England

2. White House, Washington DC

And the Number One Famous Landmark

1. The Vatican

Do you know what happened at some of these places? Are you wonder what will happen?

When you think of Sylum what other Landmarks do you think of?

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2 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Famous Landmarks Associated with Sylum

  1. Jensen says:

    10) This is Grant and Sherman’s tree, right? Does this also happen to be the same tree that Clay’s son dies near (or Clay is standing near it when his son dies)…

    8) Is what I think it is, right? A simple snicker will suffice for an answer.

    [I have mentioned I’m having a week, right. And again, the day disappointed me by not being Friday when the alarm went off.]

    • Bj Jones says:

      Its the tree Grant/Sherman were married under. Not the tree with Clay – that battle is Cold Harbor *needs to write that story*

      *snickers* yes 8 is fun 😀

      *hands coffee* at least the day after tomorrow is friday… yeah it’s one of those weeks.

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