Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Unique Items located at Sylum Manor

Sylum Manor is over 200 years old. The Manor has seen and holds very Unique items that have been collected over the years. These are only some of those items.

Top Ten Unique Items Located at Sylum Manor

10. Shrunken head from Warrick’s Pirate Days

9. Forged Da Vinci by Raphael

8. 1st Century Dildo

7. Tony’s Porn Stash

6. Seeker

5. Diagramma Veritatis

4. Crystal Skull

3. Receipt for the Liberty Bell

2. Platain by Anna Akhmatova

And Number One Unique item:

1. Nick’s Wooblie

What other items do you think is hidden away in the Manor?

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4 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Unique Items located at Sylum Manor

  1. Jensen says:

    5. At some point that should probably be returned to the (other) library, right?

    6. {{snicker}}

    4. I have no comment.

    • Bj Jones says:

      Actually 5 is his own copy… the irony being Robert never really needed to go to the Vatican Library to see it 😀

      4. Lara and Indy don’t talk about it

      • Jensen says:

        On 5, I think I actually knew that…It’s been one of those weeks already and it’s only Tuesday…

        • Bj Jones says:

          Oh I know those weeks… and then you wake up thinking it’s Thursday only to realize it’s Wednesday *headdesk*

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