Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Reasons to Read Sylum

And the Final Top Ten!! I hope everyone has enjoyed some of the unique and interesting insight into Sylum

These are the top ten Reasons you give to others to read Sylum

10. The Smut

9. Have nothing better to do this weekend.

8. The Smut

7. Fixes Showrunners biggest mistakes

6. The Smut

5. Our Vampires don’t Sparkle

4. The Smut

3. Crossover Extraordinaire – Your fandom is in there somewhere – unless of course your fandom is listed in the Never to be Seen Lists.

2. The Smut

And the Number One Reason to Read Sylum

1. Speed Lives

What are your reasons to read Sylum? And how did you find Sylum?

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One Response to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Reasons to Read Sylum

  1. Jen says:

    #5 – *hehe* That makes me wonder how many clan members out there have coated up with body glitter. It’d be a great costume idea. 😀

    It’s been so long I really don’t remember how I found Sylum but I couldn’t imagine never having it. I know I really got into because of #1 though – Speed lives. After that, it kind of took off because I had found the ‘verse well into the first arc. There were a nights I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t turn away. To me, Sylum is the epitome of what creativity and community can be.

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