Sylum RP: Throws Doors Wide Open



It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these.


Nicolaus looks around the ballroom, everything’s prepped and ready for the guests.

Cook out did herself with the amount of food.

The flowers the Gardner arranged was beautiful.

Okay now to just let everyone in.

*opens door*

“Come on in!”

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16 Responses to Sylum RP: Throws Doors Wide Open

  1. Paula Cas says:

    **Slumps through the door** I really need research minions. I think I have the strength to make it to the buffet.

  2. *gets out of black SUV. Stretches, than reaches in for black duffle. Heads up to manor.*
    “Hi, anyone around?”
    *heads up to room to throw duffle on bed. Goes back down to the kitchen grabs a beer an sandwich that Thomas gives him.*
    “Thank you Thomas. Going to head out a sit on a rocker on the porch. Anyone else here?”
    *takes plate of food and a beer and goes to sit on porch.*

    JackB here, wondering who else will show up?!

  3. *Going to have to check out all the food cook set out when I’m done here. Going to need another beer too.
    Need to relax for a few days. Glad to be home at the manor.
    Takes empty bottle and plate and heads back in*
    “Hi Cook, Thomas, just getting another beer. Don’t worry not going to get drunk. Just need to wind down. Have 5 days down time and decide to come here. If it’s good? Open house sounds great. Think I’ll try some chicken and rice! Thank you!”
    *fixes plate, grabs beer and goes out to the porch and rockers again. Sits and sighs, eating and drinking slowly.*

  4. DJ Sparkles says:

    *swoops in and finds the candy, then settles in and giggles at Nick*

  5. ladyholder says:

    Can a guest from Tallikut?

    Nico? I brought you some wine from Washington & Blair wants to play cards with your cardsharp of a mate!

    And if you can make sure we have enough money to get home, I can even tell you where I found those olives you were so happy with last time you visited!

    Jim Ellison

  6. Methos/Jade says:

    *wanders in, snags a beer* Hello, everyone.

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