Sylum RP: Hot Days of Summer



Well it’s actually the 2nd Day of Summer.

It’s also hot outside.  Enough to melt even the toughest of Vampires!!!

All are welcome to participate … just keep the conversation in the Character you RP – if you do not have an RP Character – go HERE.


Nick sits out on the porch, wearing as little as possible.

A cool glass of lemonade in one hand.

Slouched into his seat, practically becoming one with it.

“Are you going to move?”  He heard from somewhere in his vicinity

“Not until winter.”


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3 Responses to Sylum RP: Hot Days of Summer

  1. Penelope Garcia says:

    Penelope collapses into a rocking chair on the porch, her hair piled on top of her head with a few colorful clips to match her floral sundress.

    “Why isn’t there a pool? It seems like a manor in Louisiana should have a pool for the ridiculous summers!”

    She snapped a fan open to try and cool herself a bit.

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      “There’s actually one in the gym.” Nico commented, a hand waving towards the garages. “Which is past the garages and way over there to hot to get to.”

  2. Drives up to Manor, gets out and stretches. Walks slowly up the steps to the porch.
    Hi Nick, Penelope. Can I join you both? Sinks slowing in to rocker and sighs. Softly saying home.
    To hot, tired, and sore to even get up for a cool beer or ice tea.
    Gently rocks.

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