Sylum RP: The Beginning of Summer


Sylum RP


Haven’t done this for a while!

Memorial Day Weekend has passed and in American tradition – its the start of the Summer Vacation.

So today’s RP is prepping for Summer at the Manor.

All are welcome to participate … just keep the conversation in the Character you RP – if you do not have an RP Character – go HERE.


Thomas had the staff finish prepping the Manor for summer.

The wicker chairs were out on the porch.

Lemonade was in the fridge.

Lights hung in the trees.

He just needed to keep a few Clan Members away from the BBQ.  There insurance was high enough.

And it would seem the first guest have arrived.

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4 Responses to Sylum RP: The Beginning of Summer

  1. Methos/Jade says:

    *wanders in, grabs a chair, kicks back and relaxes.*

  2. *Drops a cooler of beer* Methos just leave me a few beers

  3. Methos/Jade says:

    “Oh, don’t worry…I’ll leave some…”

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