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Sylum Inspiration: Tamina

Sylum Inspiration: Tamina

Sanguen Vitae: Hunter


Ardeth explains all about Vampires and also the Assasins. Tamina encourages Dastan to find more on his heritage, and stands with him as they are trained as Hunters.

She’s with him while he rebuilds Masyaf. Over time she starts to build a section of Masyaf for families, and later training grounds for woman Assassins.

Not an Assassin herself, she learns to Hunt on her own. She meets Wilhelm and the two begin to Hunt together. She develops a good relationship with him, though she’s pretty sure Dastan has warned Wilhelm a few times about when too much is too much.

Wilhelm still hasn’t forgiven her for the Hansel and Gretel moment. For that matter neither has Hansel and Gretel.

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