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Sylum Inspiration: Dastan

Sylum Inspiration: Dastan

Sanguen Vitae: Hunter

He woke up alone in the desert. He feels weird, but is surprised he is alive. A thirst rages through him but he knows he has to get to the site to reveal the truth abut Nizam, and save Tamina.

He returns to Alamut to reveal the truth about Nizam and the Dagger to Tus. The dagger is being guarded by, The Hassassin. Dastan confronts him, who then asks how life is for the undead. Dastan ignores him and confronts Tus and explains the dagger’s mechanics to him and then stabs the dagger into his heart, killing himself; Tus brings Dastan back to life by rewinding time and realizes his brother has been innocent all along. Soon after, however, Nizam arrives and kills Tus, leaving The Hassassin to kill Dastan.

The Hassassin, bored with the situation, leaves Dastan to his fate, disappearing.

Dastan along with Tamina confront Nizam about the dagger, that it’s only to fix one moment in time. It doesn’t go back further. He refuses to believe him, and holds down the mechanism only to be transported to the moment when the two entered the room.

He screams in fury and slams the dagger into Tamina, as he turns to run, his hand is grabbed and the dagger pulled from him. Dastan demands they save Tamina. The man dressed in Medjai clothing, shakes his head, saying Dastan has only the power to save her now.

Dastan holds her to him, not sure what he means but acts on instincts. Fangs he had no idea he had dropped, she smiled at him stating, she knew their destinies were intertwined.

As Tamina recouped he learned that the Medjai was Ardeth Bay, and he had heard of Nizam’s schemes and had come with his men to help the city of Amulet, arriving too late. He explained about Vampires and Mates. He along with his own Mate, Rick, stayed in the city while Dastan and Tamina began to rebuild it.

They secured the Dagger into a vault, hoping to keep its secrets from the history books. Over the years it has only become legend.

It was Ardeth who explained who Dastan’s father was. That The Hassassin was right, he was the last of the Assassins. There had been families that wore the title of Assassin, born and raised through the Egyptian courts, trained by Medjai.

Dastan is the last.

He takes him to Masyaf, showing him where their old establishment was. Dastan was disgusted at what the order of Hassassins had done to it.

He swore then to rebuild it.

He would not be the last.

It took some time with the help of Tamina, watching over both cities. They trained as Hunters, and Dastan continued on to enhance his skills for an Assassin.

Over the centuries he built up Masyaf and the order.

(Dilios Note: Not that I know much of this *shifty look*)

They both Hunt for Alexander and Ardeth when need be, but both Clan leaders know Dastan’s focus is on Masyaf.

The one time he did leave someone in charge it all went to shit and Altaïr still hasn’t quite forgiven him for that fuck up. After settling back in Masyaf, Dastan watches as Altaïr deals with his wife and child. When Darim comes screaming to him for help, he discovers Altaïr has been gravely injured. He offers to Turn him.

Over the centuries he’s left Masyaf in Altair’s hands, so he could focus on hunting The Hassassin.

When he is at Masyaf he has no problem with Tamina hunting with Wilhelm – or their relationship. Though he’s made sure Wilhelm knows why he’s the leader of the Assassins.

He watched from the sidelines with Ezio and Altaïr, amazed at the Italian’s skills.

He’s trained many who have gone to Masyaf and sent them back into the field. When he had heard rumors of The Hassassin in India, he traveled back with Arbaaz. He watched as the new Assassin confronted his own issues, but ended up facing his own death.

Today he splits his time between Masyaf and Greece, and he’s thankful for modern technology as it’s easier to communicate between the two locations.

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