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Sylum Inspiration: Steve Trevor

Sylum Inspiration: Steve Trevor

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There isn’t much information on Steve’s childhood.  He’s from the United States, and was raised on a farm.  He was always looking for something, and ended up volunteering to work intelligence during the Great War.

Come to find out he was a really good spy.

While trying to find out what General Ludendorff and his pet scientist Isabel Maru were conducting, he discovered they had invented a new version of Mustard Gas.  He stole her notebook, and fled.  During the flight away from the Ottoman Empire, he got caught in a windstorm crashing him just off a Greek Island.

He discovered he was on Themyscira, and had met an Angel.

He told them about the war to end all wars, and how if he didn’t get the notebook back, millions more would die.  He hadn’t expected Diana to come with him.

Taking her back to London was strange, but he admired how she handled all the strange things, though he still wasn’t sure about the ‘Asgardian’ worlds.  She was determined to find General Lundendorff and stop the war.

Steve watched as she took on shockingly Sir Patrick Morgan, but knew it was her fight.  He had to stop the plane from crashing into London with enough Mustard Gas to take out the city.  He  handed her his father’s watch, told her he loved her … ‘I can save the Day, you can save the world.’

He regretted not having enough time with her.

As he sat in the pilot’s seat he took a few moments to hold onto his memories of Diana, before pulling the gun and aiming it at the canisters … just as he fired he startled when ice began to move across the window.

He woke up freezing.

And in the desert.

Steve stared at a boy … who looked just like him. He introduced himself as Jack Frost and he had been so excited to see someone who finally looked like him.

Heneru had sat him down to explain about Vampires, and that if he wanted to stay with his Amazon, he would need to be Turned.

Steven never doubted for a second, he wanted a life with Diana.

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