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Sylum Inspiration: Sean Cassidy

Sylum Inspiration: Sean Cassidy

Vampire Council: Member

Sean doesn’t talk too much about his childhood.  He will talk relunctantly about his parents, state they loved him but didn’t know what to do with him.

His mutation came during puberty but he was able to hide it through school. It wasn’t until Charles showed up (ironically while he was on a date … yes a date that went bad but a date none the less) that he realized he could do more with his life.

He liked the school, and was eager to help learn more about his mutation and what he could to help.

He was confused when Alex disappeared for a while, but when Alex returned he sat him down with the Professor and told him about Vampires and Mates.

Sean needed some time to think about everything, went for a small road trip and when he returned wanted to date Alex.

Six months later he was Turned.

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