Sylum Inspiration: Alex Summers

Vampire Council: Member

Alex was the first born son of Christopher and Katherine Summers.  He was a typical kid growing up after the war, and only started getting in trouble when he was a teenager.

It was then his powers started to be showcased, to the point when he did end up in jail he requested solitary confinement.

This is when he met Charles Xavier, he had come to offer him a new life at his new school for the gifted.  Alex desperate for anything to help him with his powers agreed.

He ended up helping Charles build the school, and set up security for it.  He wasn’t sure about teaching, but figured he would give it a try … if the Professor thought he could.

When Charles told him about Vampires, he wasn’t nearly as shocked, after all he shoots plasma beams out of his chest.

A few years later, he timidly asked Charles about being Turned, after all he would need someone around to help.

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  1. Sparrow says:

    I guess I should finally get around to watching the newer X-Men movies. 🙂

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Yes yes you should.

      They are decent … fun and a different origin look.

      And typical us we blended it all together, but it would be good to know them.

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