Sylum Inspiration: Richard Beauregard

Serenity: Member


Richard Beauregard comes from a long line of Beauregards, that date back to the famous Confederate General. The family has always been based in New Orleans, and because of this he’s known about Vampires most of his life.

Richard ran the family Shrimp Business. But after Hurricane Katrina, then the oil spill, he was losing money fast. He invested in a crab boat, and headed up to Bering Sea. He knew Nico had contacted Mal to let him knw about the rookie Captain.

Rookie Captain was right.

Richard ended up in a dangerous situation and if it wasn’t for Liefr he wouldn’t have made it out of it alive. He was so thankful the other Captain was everything all the rumors had said and should up to pull his crew off the ice flow.

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