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Sylum Inspiration: Heath Jacobson

Sylum Inspiration: Heath Jacobson

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Heath was born a fisherman. His father was a fisherman, his grandfather and so forth. He always knew he would be a fisherman. He remembered his mother crying when his father’s ship the Cosntant Vigil had gone down, all hands lost at sea. He remembered her crying when he stepped on his first boat.

He couldn’t tell her that he was called to the sea.

There was no other place for him but on the deck of a ship.

Heath started off as a greenhorn on the North Star. He had admired Liefr, her Captain, and wanted to study under him.

Liefr was an asshole. Rode his men hard. But he always kept them safe and brough the catch in.

It wasn’t until he got extremely sick, when he discovered the truth about Liefr. He had a cough before going out to the Bering Sea, by the time they were half way through their set it turned to phenomia.

Liefr didn’t give him much of a choice, and Heath took the opportunity presented.

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