Sylum Inspiration: Mac Taylor

Sylum: Hunter

As the Afternoon Fic is finished and now in a full edit before release during Advent – I figured to post the new bios for this month’s Sylum Inspiration.

Mac Taylor was born and raised in Chicago.  His parents David & Kristen both worked, and provided him with a good childhood.

He was mostly raised by his Uncle Dan Taylor, a Vietnam Veteran.  He learned a lot about life, and ended up following his footsteps and joined the US Marine Corps.  After boot camp he learned that his uncle had passed, leaving him everything.   Not needing the money at the time, he set up charities in his uncles name, and set some aside.

Once he left the Marine Corps he joined the NYPD – working his way up to Lieutenant in the Crime Scene Unit. He met Claire and the two married and settled into life in New York.

Mac lost his wife Claire in the 9/11 attacks. He threw himself into his work, avoiding feeling anything. The only one who stayed close to him was his friend and colleague Stella Bonasara.

His Uncle had told him about Vampires, having fought with a unique group during the war.   So when he arrived at Daniel Messer’s home to the scene of Sonny Sassone Turning the young man, he reacted instantly.

Lucky for him Erik Brooks (Blade) was pursing Sonny and finished Daniel’s Turning.

Less than 24 hours later, Mac was Turned and Mated to Danny.


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