Sylum Inspiration: Daniel Messer

Sylum: Hunter

His parents are Paul and Rebecca Messer. Paul leads a life of crime following in the Messer tradition. While his mother did love him, she ultimately sided with her husband and left Danny without support or direction to make a change in his life.

For a time, Danny fell in with the Tanglewood Boys and Sonny Sassone, only realized his mistake when he watched them kill some wannabe kid.  Danny convinces Sonny that for him to go to college, he needed to leave the Tanglewood Boys. Sonny granted him an outdate figuring Danny would fail and come crawling back.

Once Sonny realzied Danny wasn’t coming back, and was starting a career in baseball, he broke his wrist ending it, think it would pull him back into the Tanglewood.

Danny threw himself into his studies and got his degree, then joined the NYPD, working his way through overt and covert discrimination caused by bearing the Messer name and became a CSI.

When he turned his back on the Messer name and what it stood for, Paul Messer disowned him.

Sonny, became impatient for Danny to come crawling back to him, and went after his prize.  Sassone attacked Danny in his apartment and Turned him Without Consent.

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