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Sylum Inspiration: Iolaus

Sylum Inspiration: Iolaus

Medjai: Hunter


In Greek mythology, Iolaus was a Theban divine hero, son of Iphicles and Automedusa.

He was famed for being Heracles’s nephew and for helping with some of his Labors, and also for being one of the Argonauts. Through his daughter Leipephilene, he was considered to have fathered the mythic and historic line of the kings of Corinth, ending with Telestes.

This is the tales and the Legends.

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Iolaus is the nephew of Hercules, just down a few generational lines.

He was raised in Thebes and was a great warrior, married with a family. He had no intentions of being anything other than a good husband, father, and soldier.

But the gods had other ideas, and while journeying home with fellow soldiers, they came across a village being attacked by outsiders. Without hesitation all of them ran into battle, not realizing they were facing far greater powers.

Iolaus was the last one standing.

He swore before he blacked out he saw a large white bird and two men swarmed into battle.

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