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Sylum Inspiration: Claudio La Cruz

Sylum Inspiration: Claudio La Cruz

Knight: Co-Leader


Claudio was the youngest son of French and Spanish Aristocracy.  He was raised in privilege and had the finest tutors.  Though Claudio may look fancy and flighty, in truth he was very politically savvy, and had the ear of many ladies and lords in Court.

His parents gave up hope of finding him a wife, and hoped he would become someone’s ‘kept boy’.

When Lord Lucien La Croix introduced himself to Claudio at a party, their hopes were soon realized.

Claudio liked the charming Italian instantly. He was open and honest with him, told him about Vampires and that he was his Mate.

Until he saw him with the male hussy. It took Lucien months to get back the ground he lost. (Dilios Note: Ask Kirk Lazarus and Nico about that particular moment in time)

Claudio finally gave into Lucien, and he was Turned and soon after they two Mated.  He still talks about how romantic it was, and how attentive Lucien was to his needs.

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