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Sylum Inspiration: Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Sylum Inspiration: Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Medjai Hunter: Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr was born to Assassin parents: a Christian mother, and a Muslim father, Umar.

While Maud died in childbirth, Umar was executed by the Saracens during the First siege of Masyaf in 1176, in retribution for him killing a Saracen nobleman. Altaïr frantically called out to his father before the execution, but was prevented from seeing his father’s death by Ahmad Sofian, the Assassin who had revealed Umar’s name to the Saracens under torture. Crushed by guilt over Umar’s death, he infiltrated Altaïr ‘s quarters some time later, apologized to Altaïr for his weakness, and committed suicide with a dagger.

Altaïr ran to Al Mualim’s quarters with haste, informing him of what had occurred. Al Mualim told Altaïr not to disclose anything about the incident to anyone – not even to Ahmad’s son Abbas, who would be shamed by the truth of his father’s death. Altaïr considered Al Mualim as more of a father figure than his own biological father, though he was aware that Al Mualim’s love was “weak and dishonest,” and agreed to do as the Mentor commanded. Altaïr and Abbas joined the Order as novices soon after, grew up together and became good friends, always at each other’s side.

One day, after noticing Abbas’ continued grief over his father’s death, Altaïr told him the truth in an effort to console him. Upon hearing it, Abbas turned over in his bed, not saying a word. The following day, the two didn’t speak to each other until Abbas asked their combat instructor Labib if they could fight with real swords, instead of the wooden practice ones. It was then that Abbas revealed his hatred of Altaïr, believing he lied about Ahmad, before attacking him in a rage.

As the two grappled, Abbas held his knife to Altaïr’s throat and yelled that Altaïr had lied about Abbas’ father to shame him. The commotion caught the attention of the other Assassins, the villagers and Al Mualim himself. Trying to quell Abbas’ anger, Altaïr falsely admitted that he had lied, and the two were taken to Masyaf’s dungeon. There they spent a month in confinement before resuming their training. With his crimes deemed more severe, Abbas was forced by Al Mualim to spend an extra year in training, whilst Altaïr graduated to the rank of Assassin.

By the following year, the Holy Land was in the midst of war. In early 1191, Altaïr and his comrades Malik and Kadar Al-Sayf were tasked with retrieving an artifact from the Templars in the Jerusalem Vault beneath the remains of Solomon’s Temple. While progressing through the catacombs, Altaïr broke the first tenet of the Assassin’s Creed by killing an innocent man in their path. Malik admonished Altaïr for his recklessness, but Altaïr arrogantly dismissed him.

Upon seeing the archenemy of his Order, Robert de Sable, Altaïr broke the second tenet of the Creed by confronting his enemy directly. Attempting to openly slay the Grand Master, Altaïr was easily thwarted and thrown from the temple, leaving Malik and Kadar alone with the Templars. Altaïr escaped from the temple and returned to Masyaf to report his failure to the Order.

Once the attack was over, the matter of Altaïr ‘s actions in Solomon’s Temple was addressed once again. It was decreed that in breaking all three tenets of the Creed—as his actions brought the Templars to Masyaf and endangered the Brotherhood Altaïr was marked as a traitor to the Assassins. After declaring his judgement to the entire Order, Al Mualim stabbed Altaïr in the stomach with a dagger.

Altaïr awoke from his “sleep of the dead” and questioned Al Mualim about his survival, with the Mentor answering that Altaïr had only seen what he had wanted him to see. He then stripped Altaïr of his rank and possessions before offering him a chance at redemption, tasking him with hunting down the traitor within Masyaf who had allowed the Templars entrance. Once Altaïr successfully completed the mission, he returned to Al Mualim and was rewarded with the restoration of his Hidden Blade and sword. An official member of the Order once again, Altaïr was offered a trade: assassinate nine men from the ranks of both Saracens and Crusaders, taking their lives in exchange for his own.

Altaïr was able to assassinate the first eight and discovered that his last target was Robert himself. He made his way back to Jerusalem where he met Robert. However, as he removed the helmet of the Templar, he found out that he had not faced Robert but a girl. He allowed her to live and she told him that Robert had made his way to Arsuf. Altaïr followed and finally killed Robert, who revealed that Al Mualim was actually a Templar. Altaïr returned to Masyaf, where Al Mualim confirmed what Robert had said. Altaïr , aided by a number of other Assassins, fought his way to Al Mualim, who had used to the artifact from Solomon’s Temple to enslave the people of Masyaf. Altaïr and his mentor battled each other and Altaïr finally killed him, taking his place as mentor.

(Dilios Note: The artifact is a well kept secret I’ve heard it called ‘the apple’ from time to time but I have not seen it or can I verify it’s existence)

It was at this time Dastan arrived back at Masyaf wondering what had happened. Altaïr told him of Al Mualim’s betrayal. Dastan settled back into Masyaf, and with Altaïr ‘s help rebuilt the Assassin Order.

He set out to find Maria Thorpe ,the woman who had disguised herself as Robert de Sable, and bring her back with him. When returning to Masyaf he married her and in time she bore him a son Darim. A few years later she became pregnant with Sef. It was during her pregnancy that she lashed out at Altaïr . He missed his footing and fell off one of the towers, landing several feet below.

Dastan knew the Assassin Order needed Altaïr, and Turned him.

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