Sylum Advent 2019: Day One

Author’s Note: Okay guys listen up before you click the ‘read more’ link below a few things. This wasn’t an easy chapter to write, actually this particular piece is the 4th rendition.

As we adjusted and changed storyline with Clan War, it become apparent that Aftermath and Going Home were not going to work it was too embroiled with the CSI shows storylines and we aimed to remove almost or all of the ‘fanfic’ type elements.

Loved One Lost aka Grave Danger … had already been pulled to become it’s own story (which you’ll see later in Advent).

On that note if your expecting Aftermath to look like the original – it won’t. It’s a slight change from the rest of the series, but the best ending for the Arc.

You will have question about particular characters, just wait until after Advent because a few of those will be answered.

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