Sylum Advent 2018: December 25th

Summary: A surprise visitor on Christmas

Author’s Note: This is a series of stories showcasing the after affect of The Russian Spy. They range between Halloween to New Years Eve – hence Hallow Thanksmas Eve.

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5 Responses to Sylum Advent 2018: December 25th

  1. najean1 says:

    Really wonderful! I wondered if the barn owl was going to sneak in at some point. I love this set of ficlets. Pins and Needles here……

  2. Christiane Heid says:

    That’s a cute one. Thank you so much for those little snippets in the Christmas time of Sylum.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Thanks for the snippets of Sylum after The Russian Spy.

  4. kerrie lane says:

    Pray you don’t make us wait to long for the whole big story….i’m trying to be patient and not whine.

  5. Dian1988 says:

    Dear Nicolaus thank you for another interesting and touching look of the close relationships Nicolas has with friends, even if I think Thomas is like family and not just a friend, and the Meridii. I eagerly look forward to read the whole story to come.

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