Sylum Advent 2015: December 26th


The next week of Advent will be something different.

These will all be snippets/teasers of major stories that are in the works.

Yes, we’re evil teases – why do you ask?


Title: The Writer and The Detective

Author: Bj Jones

Sylum Timeline: 2010


Kate Beckett hated this part of her job. She dreaded having to tell the family that their loved one was dead. With a deep breath, with a last glance to her partners Esposito and Ryan, they stepped out of the elevator, down the hallway and into the party.

It was Richard Castle’s last Derrick Storm Book release party.

She loved his books from the moment she bought the first story on a whim. They helped her through a rough time, and soon after became a guilty pleasure. As a cop she found Derrick Storm somewhat believable, as if the writer knew just enough, or someone gave him insider information.

Considering the who’s who at the release party she wouldn’t be surprised at where Castle got his information. She spotted the Mayor, Chief of Police and could’ve sworn a Senator.

Kate always wanted to meet him, but never had the guts to go to a reading or book signing. She had no idea what to say. ‘I love your work’ even she rolled her at the thought.

It pained her that she was going to meet her favorite writer by telling him, his brother had been murdered.

Alexander Rogers, two years older that Richard Castle, found murdered at his office.

Mr. Rogers was an architect and one of the most famous ones in New York. His company was experts at restoring older buildings, and creating new ones to blend into all neighborhoods. He didn’t have the same flair has his brother, but he had always joked that Castle took after their mother, Martha, a diva from Broadway.

His wife died in a car accident fourteen years prior leaving Alexander to raise his daughter Alexis by himself with help from Martha. From what Kate could tell Castle adored his family especially his niece by how much he talked about them throughout the years in interviews.

There was little information on Richard Castle.

It was actually shocking, considering that when he was in New York, he was at the grandest parties, hottest clubs, and a beautiful woman on his arm, there was little about his personal life. Just that during college, he decided to drop out and write a book, much to his mother and brother’s dismay.

Even more shocking it was a hit, after it had been rejected 21 times.

Rumors stated he had a cottage somewhere in Alaska where he liked to write, but no one had ever seen it or gotten pictures.

Kate flashed her badge at the hostess informing her, that they needed to talk to Mr. Castle. The hostess nodded, walking them over to the writer and his family.

Rick turned and smiled. “Alicia has Alex decided to show up yet? Or do I need to send Mother to drag him from his office?”

Kate’s heart dropped. “Mr. Castle.”

The writer’s smile faltered, but held. “And what brings such a beautiful woman as yourself to my party.”

She couldn’t help the eye roll, and ignored the snort from her two detectives. She flashed her badge. “I’m Detective Kate Beckett with 12th Precinct.”

His eyes had moved to Esposito, then over to Ryan and back to her. “How can I help New York’s finest?”

“Richard?” Martha stepped up to her son, Alexis moving closer sensing something was wrong.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.”

“Alexander?” Martha asked, shaking her head. “Is he all right?”

Richard Castle closed his eyes, feeling his heart break. He knew that look, written it more times than he could count. “How?”

“I’m sorry to inform you that Alexander Rogers was found murdered in his office.” She paused then looked directly at Richard. “What makes this more painful, it was done as a copycat of one of your murder scenes in Flowers For Your Grave.”

Castle turned and pulled Alexis into his arms, while holding Martha close. His eyes looked across the room to see Simon standing by the bar, along with Wade and Evans. With a shake of his head, his Mate and the two Hunters stayed where they were.

“Martha.” He whispered into her ear, before kissing the top of her head. “Take Alexis home, with Simon.”

The older woman wiped her tears, looked up to see Simon standing by the bar, his eyes soft and gentle. “Will you…”

“I’ll take care of everything.” He pulled Alexis closer to him, rocking the young teenager gently.

“Don’t leave.”

“I have to find out what’s going on, but I promise I’ll be home soon.” Richard gave her a tight smile. “I promise you, I won’t leave you.”

It was then Simon stepped up to the small family. “I’ll take them home.” He gave Mal a nod, and led the two grieving woman away.

Richard took a deep breath, eyes flashed with anger at the person who dared touch his Chosen One. He gave a second nod towards his Lead Hunter, he knew they would follow and await instructions. There were times he hated Nico for handing over Ben Wade. Having a Meridius in the Clan was one thing, having one that had an edge to him was another. But right now, right now he was going to use the skill sets Ben Wade was good for.

Castle turned around, looked at the Detective. In the time of crisis and pain, his sister had finally returned to him. He would find who killed Alexander, have them destroyed, and then get to know Kate Beckett. “Detective, lead the way.”

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